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  1. Tarmo

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Bit of a random question but was Leo there on Saturday? Didn’t notice him
  2. Yeah I’d agree with that. Obviously opposing teams will know what he’s about now too. Coulson on the other side showed he can be a threat last season but looks like he’s got serious work to do to get in over Marvin. We were in for a left back though so maybe can’t rule one out yet 🤞🏻
  3. I’m a fan of Spence. He’s raw as stated but you can see the potential. He’s also only going to improve the defensive side of his game under Warnock, unlike that clown Woodgate who also dropped him for some reason. A bit of patience would be nice but not something Boro fans have in abundance. In games where you need to be more defensive you’d maybe take him out for Dijksteel but he’s one of only a couple of players who will carry the ball for us and is quick and in a team that’s already bereft of creativity you need that. We got him on a free, he’s young, he’s English and he’s the type of player we should be going for to hopefully improve and sell on for a decent fee. In an ideal world he’d be back up to someone more senior whilst getting some minutes but here we are.
  4. He’s not left footed is he? Granted for us you couldn’t really tell, he was equally rubbish with either
  5. So, basically the same problem positions as the start of the season? Akpom is not a left winger, we have no right winger and no established left back. What do people have against Saville too? Warnock knows what he adds to the team even if a lot of Boro fans still hate on him
  6. Tarmo

    'Other Boro stuff'

    I got in number 73, it opened the site then there was no option to buy anything. Not too sure what happened tbh The new "queue it" thing is weird but I suppose better than the usual free for all
  7. Are people forgetting both our strikers contracts expire at the end of the season? It’s always been a priority to get a striker in
  8. How? When’s the last time Coulson had a good game or done anything of note? Last season was hardly a while ago even though Spence struggled a bit defensively against Watford (yes I know as a rwb defending should be his priority) he was still causing problems with his runs, that ball he put across the box was begging to be put away. I feel a bit for Coulson, and he was in unfamiliar position yesterday but he’s shown nothing for ages either going forward or defensively. Hopefully soon he gets a chance on at LWB where it’s a bit more natural to him.
  9. Tarmo

    Lewis wing

    Really don’t see it. He has a knack for scoring which you can’t teach but as for vision and passing (besides maybe a long range ping) I just don’t see it I think we all want him to come good but there’s a lot of work to be done. He’s not better than Tav in the 3 as the one pushing on. He’s not good enough to play deeper. I doubt we’re going to change to 4231 or anything anytime soon so I think he’s just gunna have to make do with coming off the bench and hoping to force his way in by scoring goals.
  10. Tarmo

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Far from Britt’s biggest fan but could be a shrewd move from NW to get more out of him and make him feel like the main man. Until he leaves on a free anyway 😂
  11. Got a text off a mate just now saying Gibson is supposedly close to joining Norwich. We couldn't agree terms with Burnley. Can imagine a bit of a meltdown commencing if this turns out to be true... Don't shoot the messenger fellas
  12. Any idea who was captain? Couldn’t see one on the pics. You’d think there’s be announcement for that soon, and squad numbers (brings out the Footy Manager love in me)
  13. Maybe something to consider is someone offering him less could still be attractive because they’d beat the salary cap coming in?
  14. There’s only really Britt and Fletcher who I’d be bothered about though. Howson will be another year older and Johnson as we know is a decent enough squad player but not essential. I think Meijas is the other one. I agree with what you’re saying overall though, just poor business sense to have your only 2 strikers contracts expiring.
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