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  1. If we dont sign 2 centre backs and a left back asap we are as good as relegated. Today was a shambles.
  2. Stewart. We bent over backwards for him and it still wasnt enough
  3. It is true though. When it comes to the in demand players we cant compete anymore, even when we were a big deal in this league we had to pay more to convince players to come here over other clubs. Now we dont have promotion aspirations we would have to pay even more to win players over but we dont have the capacity. But on the other hand we have missed out on at least one player this summer due to the club playing hardball over paultry sums. So we have the worst of both worlds a market that we increasingly struggle in, and a poor set up that cant get what few deals do we get acr
  4. Dont expect Britt to feature at all this week. There has been some interest and the club are desperate to get it pushed through quickly.
  5. Its that attitude that too many Boro fans have and we will continue to fail. It starts off with its in the past move on, and then people slowly twist it trying to make it less bad. Then we accept it again. Pulis wasnt a disaster inregards of on the pitch but was far from a success, for the club as a whole he was shocking. Pushing players out, dismantling departments, wasting what little money we had on crap. Boro fans should be raging at the decisions not excusing them.
  6. Its not feasible at all. Tavernier can play CM but IMO still needs an experienced head beside him to guide him for a bit. If Wing didnt occassionally score from distance he wouldnt be mentioned at all. Of the actual CMs we have he would be last choice. Browne no. Hes not good enough to play in his first choice position let alone a more key one.
  7. Youre having a laugh if you think Bauser works weekends(non matchdays) or bank holidays
  8. There is nothing really in the cards. Stewart has turned us down. Roberts doesnt want to come back Sanogo is sounding out his options this one will drag. Gibson is the most likely but Burnley will drag it out hoping they get a perm deal this wont happen soon. The 3 trialists arent players likely to quickly challenge for first team football and it looks like we wont be taking them on.
  9. Why are people wasting their time on this. £3m gives the game away its rubbish, anything over £1.5m is a lie
  10. Unlike them Sanogo has already played in the Championship and was a flop. Ive argued with Lewis and KM this weekend that Bamba and Stewart are not bad signings due to the state we are in, but Sanogo would def be a bad signing. If he is replacing Britt of Fletcher we are massively trading down and I say that as someone not a fan of either, and we would need to spend the money on guaranteed goals. If he is coming as 3rd choice I would rather us attempt to get a loan from a prem club. We might end up with a Nimley or Nmecha or we could end up with a Bamford, there is a risk. With
  11. What about Shotton? Still without a club, did well under Warnock and the situation where he left the club was a lot more understandable than Ayala.
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