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  1. We need at least one more centre back, 1 of each full back, a goalkeeper and a defensive mf or two before we even think about creativity.
  2. Trust Warnock all you want, we still have the same useless set up. Warnock has said he wants Hoilett and the club havent even approached Cardiff. We start pre season training next week and we cant put two 11s out without playing people out of postion or players with no first team experience. We are a mess and I have no confidence that Bauser and Gill wont make it worse let alone improve it.
  3. Can you explain the improvement to me then because I really dont see it. His goal per game ratio has barely changed and he still misses a lot of chances.
  4. Fletcher proved himself? He has barely improved. His tally this year is just under a goal every 4 games, last season it was a the same but he played less. Even in league one it was around that. He still looks like bambi on ice, is weak as ***, not particuarly fast and is a poor finisher. How many sitters did he miss this season? 11 goals is pathetic esp considering he is the 2nd highest paid at the club now and cost 7 MILLION. We need him gone asap We could get some from the SPL, Lg1 or a teenager from the prem who cpuld match his stats for less.
  5. Fletcher and Assombalonga prove that wrong. You could get rid of them two, get 3 replacements and still significantly cut the wage bill. Probably improve our options. Equally you could get rid of Saville and McNair, get 3 players in and still save. Honestly if the two strikers are still at the club in the final week of the window I would get it over with and make them available for free.
  6. Some ridiculous suggestions in this thread. We are still skint and the wage bill still needs cutting significantly.
  7. I would offer Johnson a new contract, our squad is a mess and needs a lot of work. Having a player who can cover 2 or 3 roles will help. The main priority should be getting the two wastes of space up front out of the club and spend whatever we get on 2 CBs and 3 Strikers. Probably means we have 1m to spend on each at most. Id sell two of McNair, Saville and Wing as well. I wish we could get our relationship with Chelsea back. Loaning McEachran, Omeruo, Chalobah and Bamford let us cover gaps whilst we developed the squad.
  8. Boro are still in a bad place. We have lost Braithwaite, Gestede, Randolph, and Ayala, with Shotton, Friend and Clayton to go in days as well. Unfortunately that still doesnt balance the books. We are still going to have to push out one of Fletcher and Assombalonga probably both before we can really invest. We cant take that freed up wage and then instantly spunk it all away on Gibson. A player who has barely played for 2 years, shown a lack of fight and professionalism at Burnley, and imo only looked good because we played ultra defensively.
  9. He has been a dreadful signing. Huge fee, moderate goal return, and half arsed attitude. His and the other waste of money Fletchers wages are why we are still shopping in the bargain bin. Wells cost 5m, Grabban cost 6m. Two players who Britt cant lace the boots of and still had change.
  10. Id prefer a Wigan win they are above us things stand and Im not convinced they will get the points deduction, they have appealed.
  11. Barnsley wont do it. 4pts for Luton looks very achievable they could get more, Charlton play Birmingham thats a guarateed 3pts. Thats 2 imo that are pretty much nailed on to jump above us. That leaves Hudds who will be playing an uninterested Millwall on the last day, and Wigan who seemingly can beat anyone at the moment.
  12. Where is that win coming from? Reading play similar to QPR who beat us without breaking a sweat, Cardiff are miles better than us, and Sheff Wed again play a style we cant deal with, will possibly need the points and have a manager and chairman who would live to stick it to Gibson. We dont have a single point coming our way, where as the teams below us all have winnable games and they only need 1 min to overtake us excet Luton but they have the easiest games. We are in huge trouble
  13. I cant add. Were safe 😀
  14. I believe they play with movement and pace. We cant cope with that so its a 100% loss
  15. How do people see the remaining games going? Boro - 47pts Reading - L Cardiff - L Sheff Wed - L Final - 47pts Hudds - 47pts Sheff Wed - L West Brom - L Millwall - D Final - 48pts Charlton - 46pts Birmingham - W Wigan - D Leeds - L Final - 50pts Stoke - 46pts Birmingham - W Bristol - D Brentford - L Forest - L Final - 50pts Hull - 45pts Wigan - L Luton - L Cardiff - L Final - 45pts Luton - 44pts QPR - W Hull - W Blackburn - W Final - 53pts Barnsley - 43pts Leeds - D Forest - L Brentford - L Final - 44pts Relegated on the final day due to Wigans far better GD and Millwall being on the beach.
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