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  1. Betinelli Dijksteel Fry Mcnair Spence Coulson Howson Saville Tav Akpom Britt 5-3-2 2-0 to Boro Coulson to get an assist 🙂
  2. Any other streams, the one I found is awful.....bit like the scoreline.
  3. Not a brand new user, more a lurker. Found it on soccer streams/footybite. There's a few others there.
  4. Found this link. Soccer24hd.com/game/match/2217/middlesbrough-vs-barnsley.html
  5. I'm going to guess 4-2-3-1 Stojanovic Shotton Moukoudi Fry Friend Mcnair Howson Roberts Wing Tav Fletcher Shotton at RB for his long throws Subs to affect game Rudy/Britt Coulson Spence Morrison Subs for injury/tiredness Clayton/Saville
  6. Stojanovic Howson Moukodi Shotton Friend Mcnair Clayton Roberts Wing Morrison/Johnson Gestede On 60 mins change front 4 for pace against tiring defence Spence Fletcher Coulson Assombalonga
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08hbjk1
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