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  1. Is it just me that read "Quite funny really" in a Neil Warnock accent? 🤣
  2. Going to the game today with a friend and my son. Hopefully will be able to pick up our half season ticket too. Made sense seeing as we'd already paid full price for 5 games this season! Does anyone have any recommendations for anywhere that does good eat-in parmos, burgers etc in the town?
  3. He's inevitably going to have to shuffle Jones/Spence throughout the season, at least with Watmore coming back, O'Lasagna able to play wide forward and maybe 1 other in coming, we should be fine for the season across the wide positions... and with some pace and attacking threat.
  4. He scored a cracking counter attack goal starting out on the left touchline before motoring down the wing, past 2 and slotting across the keeper from a tight angle.
  5. Consistency is horrendous this season. Never know which Boro you'll get.
  6. Very poor, need a much better second half but not out of it. Howson on.
  7. No, he put his leg across the player to stop him getting to the ball and the contact with him looked to open his knee joint up.
  8. I can't either... Especially as 2 of them play each other 😂
  9. Hull v Luton next means not both of them can finish above us. Wigan v Charlton could potentially be the same if Charlton don't win their game in hand. Barnsley are away to Leeds and Brentford and home to Forest and need to win all 3 basically. A point should get us over the line, but still looking good now with the other games.
  10. Massive game. Could go 6 points clear of the relegation zone (With Wigan's 12pt deduction), pretty much 7pts taking into account goal difference. Like anything Boro related, we won't make it easy, but the signs are there that we can at least create a few chances now. Odds on Hugill to score though and talk of them expecting 15-20m bids at the end of the season... crazy!
  11. Apologies, took that info from BBC Sport website and they got it wrong!
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