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  1. Last season's away strip?
  2. Boro leading the race for Josh Bowler from Everton. Highly rated youth Right Winger they bought from QPR for £4.5m a few years ago.
  3. Zola's contact at Chelsea expires next month...
  4. Ha! I've just had him on loan for 2 seasons in my Middlesbrough FM2019 save ?
  5. So I presume no matter who they hired, you wouldn't go back until they're winning and in good style? Because no matter who they got, there's no guarantee of success.
  6. I'd like to see Woodgate given a chance... If someone gave Joey Barton a job then I have no problem with JW having a crack. As has been discussed to death, there is no unified candidate that wouldn't cause ripples in the fan base be it for financial detriment to the club or from a moral standpoint. PULISEXIT means PULISEXIT! ?
  7. This is heading the same way as Brexit... ?
  8. My big issue with appointing Woodgate isn't his off the field friendship choices (I only have hearsay to go off anyway), but his current friendships amongst the playing staff. Is he too close to some of the players and will that have an affect on his ability to be objective in his decision making? I fear it could lead to divides in the squad down the line and for that reason I'd prefer someone with no ties or loyalty to anyone currently here. I don't know Woodgate and he seems like he is well liked but only those within the club can decide if he can be impartial when in charge. I have no fear that Gibson will know how he spends his spare time and if he gives him the job, then any failure is on Gibson rather than Woodgate.
  9. Wonder if it will be anything like this as I quite like the shirt. I do like a dark blue/light blue combo... Strangely like the home shirt too as I'm never a big fan usually.
  10. Although I'm not aware any announcement has been made regarding Terry's future as yet?
  11. Chelsea... Replace Sarri
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