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  1. I’d love to see the figures as I’d guess it’s not many
  2. Because unfortunately people only believe certain parts of what they read. Vaccination should be a choice and not something the club should be selling someone over. Maybe if SM was spouting absolute nonsense like all this microchip garbage then I guess that’s disruptive and another matter altogether. Selling players with different views to the manager sets a dangerous president though as most of our squad haven’t been jabbed.
  3. Maybe it’s an attitude thing with spence. He never really struck me as someone who wanted to be here all that much
  4. Oh I agree. I was gutted that it didn’t work out for him here
  5. This sounds very much like what Southgate would have said to Gibson when we sold Clattermole for Digard
  6. I know it’s all speculation but I’d be gutted seeing JLS play LB when he’s just what we need in CM. Yes he can do a job but it means we’d lose something in midfield. I hope we have a backup LB lined up 🤞🏼
  7. I Hate the name McGrath for a sort of similar reason….I needed Paul McGrath to complete my 95 album I think it was. I’ve hated the man ever since 😂😂
  8. I hope we get McGrath in… I’d be quite excited about him. Scored the same as Morelos from midfield and not part of the old firm. Hopefully can be as good a McGinn
  9. I’m looking forward to 6 hours on the sofa listening to Jim and co with the odd reference to nothing happening at Middlesbrough as it stands…..
  10. Could Lille possibly look at Siliki if Sanchez leaves for Wolves?
  11. Although I love hearing names, I get just as excited hearing we are close to something or 4 in 2 out as you said earlier. I know the club will be working all the time on dealings but when it’s quiet it feels like nothing is happening but a quick ‘ we’ve bid for a winger from abroad ‘ from someone ITK reassures me things are actually happening haha
  12. Yeah it is I think. Very good point though regarding the tribunal
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