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  1. I don’t think they signed in time to play tomorrow
  2. Is he desperate enough to turn down Watford so he can sign for us in the summer?
  3. I feel like I should reiterate as it looks like I’m saying those ITK are lying. I apologise if that’s how it came across. Like I said earlier, I struggle to see how it was ever financially viable for us to do this January and I also fail to see how our interest hasn’t been highlighted anywhere else. I just wonder if he was ever a realistic target
  4. I’m not saying I don’t believe. I 100% believe everything you say boro related is what you’ve been told. I just struggle to see how it was ever financially viable for us to do and also that our interest hasn’t gone mainstream so to speak
  5. Not sure we were ever really in for Gibson to be honest. Not a sniff really other than him hanging around the area. I recon that’s is done. I’ve just ordered a take away and got 15 bottles of coors for the last few hours of DD too... very good window for us though. Shame about Roberts but this the new CB is going to be a beast I think 🥳
  6. The few positives I took from the article were that his attitude appears to have changed and that injuries are what have hampered him just as he started to hit good form. I don’t expect him to pull up trees, chase down fullbacks for 90 minutes but I do feel like he’s the kind of player that can make me get off my seat when he has the ball. We currently don’t have anyone like that. I personally think it’s a risk worth taking for what seems to be a short term solution. Im also sat here thinking it could be worse, we could be signing Nile Ranger
  7. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7404931/amp/How-ex-Man-Utd-prodigy-Ravel-Morrison-way-Premier-League.html has anyone read this article? I’m not saying he’s a quality signing but this at least gave me some hope...
  8. Me neither, that’s why I got mine in battleship grey 👍🏼
  9. Sunderland on loan thats not me knowing anything, that’s what was said at the game last night
  10. Out of our current team the only players I can see generating serious interest that would fit the ‘Everyone has a price’ line would be, Paddy, Britt, Fry, Tav and Spence. Personally wouldn’t want any to leave and I’m surprised so many people would be happy to see Paddy sold. I think he’s our best midfielder and will improve us massively when he’s moved back there. If pushed I’d rather see Britt leave over the others but I’d very much like to see a Fletch, Britt, Roberts front 3
  11. Has anyone seen Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler? I’m not usually his biggest fan but I loved this film. I can relate to certain parts of how he deals with life on the edge which may be why I enjoyed it so much but it’s definitely worth a watch imo. As said above, I really enjoyed ‘Parasite’ very clever with a twist I was never expecting
  12. I thought we were suing EFL for not punishing derby for breaking the rules? sounds like I have that all wrong
  13. So basically they might as well give us him back and not owe outstanding?
  14. That’s slightly more reassuring i guess. If he’s to come back on wages that reflect our current situation then I’d be all for it. I’d rather we renewed Ayalas contract if we do get Gibson as we haven’t had a pairing like it since Ugo/Southgate. I hope too that if Fry is to leave then it’ll be because we are bringing in Oxford. One prospect for another
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