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  1. Red G

    80s classic

    Yes, I think it's a classic shirt too (the fact that you can buy a replica in the club shop suggests that many Boro supporters feel the same way! 🙂) Did the shirt you've got pictured previously belong to a Boro player?
  2. Red G

    80s classic

    It was from the season before I started following football and the Boro, but the 'McClean Homes' shirt from 1983-84 were the most '80s style imaginable! No club badge and the players must have been weighed down fron having to carry around such huge advertising! It would be fascinating to know how much the deal was worth for that one season (I think Cameron's took over as shirt sponsor the season after) compared to today's prices.
  3. Red G

    Club shop

    It does seem strange when the store (particularly on-line) is probably one of the club's few sources of income at the moment.
  4. Red G

    Club shop

    Has anyone else tried contacting the club shop recently? I emailed them a couple of weeks ago, but got no reply
  5. Red G

    Boro utopia

    I should have named this thread 'Boro's Zenith (Data Systems)'
  6. Red G

    Boro utopia

    Forget winning the Premiership or Champions League, the ultimate Boro moment for me would be winning the FA Cup (preferably as a Championship side for added romanticism!). This would be followed by a glorious summer of basking in the glory of our first Wembley win, the Charity Shield in August and then the third round draw just before Christmas as 'holders' - pure Boro utopia. Does anyone else feel the same?
  7. Great to hear about Heine Otto. I wish that I had got him to sign my programme from that day. Hard to believe that crowds were as low as 3,000 at Ayresome Park that season
  8. That's brilliant, Erimus! 👍
  9. Great to hear that commentary. I remember the second half seeming like an eternity, although I can't recall at what point Gary Hamilton and Peter Beagrie were sent off. Yes, he certainly was playing the next day!
  10. On the police theme at this game - love this photo
  11. The classic Denmark pin-strip shirt by Hummel from the 1986 World Cup would be good. A pretty significant year in our history too!
  12. My first ever Boro game and what a game it was! A two-nil win to stay up, two players sent off and the great Heini Otto's final appearance for Boro. This season has brought back many memories of the 84-85 campaign - I'm hoping that this Wednesday will be less dramatic for us!
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