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  1. Not exactly Warnocks type of CB is he.
  2. Yep we need the 3 points here. This is a must win IMO. Anything less than that takes relegation out of our hands and puts it firmly down to whether the teams below us continue their form.
  3. Yeah that one bums me out, think the kid clearly has a lot of talent. Alas, Warnock isn't going to like a primarily ball playing cb.
  4. Is it the guy who should have been sent off in the first half for cartwheeling his opponent?!
  5. Really depends on how close to them Roberts and Tav play to him, but yes, I'm dubious too.
  6. Do you accept the loss and try not to concede anymore to tank the GD, or do you change shape and personnel and try and get back into it at the risk of tanking the GD by more?
  7. Yeah this kind of feels like a "hope Wing bangs one in and gets us back in the game" sub. He hasn't been very good for much else this season, sadly 😞
  8. It's Lewis Wing, so I would assume McNair or Saville.
  9. BTW Having seen it again it's a clear handball, Johnson was right to complain. Unfortunately it is very difficult for the ref & linesman to see but that should have been a penalty for me.
  10. That's a kick in the nuts, entirely undeserved.
  11. Wasn't entirely his fault, lack of comms between him and Howson, he's trying to lay it back, Howson is backing off.
  12. Paddy McNair has been teaching Fry his ways. Should score there,
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