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  1. Think he was meant to be out a couple months, not sure we'll see him till March at the earliest.
  2. Is he? I wonder why they bothered recalling him if they're just gonna send him straight back? that seems a weird one!
  3. Taylor has got worse every game for me. Until Bola is back, McGree could be a good shout. He'll provide the energy and potential attacking threat that we don't have out there right now.
  4. The next line up will show what he thinks of Payero IMO because none of the CM covered themselves in glory and if there was ever a time for change to try something new, it's now.
  5. Awful first half. Will say I think it was a pen. As he pulls his leg back to kick he connects with the defender and that's what sends him over. There was one angle where it was clear as day imo! Can't complain really though, would have been undeserved.
  6. We can have one more loan that makes the match day squad, yes 🙂
  7. Feels like something of a pretty hasty back pedal from Ryan of the Derby County Podcast.
  8. After that first season I really thought he'd kick on and be a mainstay. I hope he settles somewhere and gets regular game time.
  9. Sort of. He was identified by the recruitment team (Scott) and Warnock accepted after checking with his guy in France.
  10. That is absolutely ridiculous if true! What the hell.
  11. That would be a mistake. Woodman wasn't very good at swansea despite the stats
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