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  1. Yes I think this is it; I read it has something to do with the year they put the sale through their accounts, although I can't find the piece now. Also Derby are being looked into again so that's not necessarily over.
  2. I did wonder whether there was a chance this might be a venables type situation.
  3. Wilson you laugh but I heard something similar about 2 weeks ago.
  4. I move to Denmark every game and watch through Riverside Live. The latter I believe.
  5. I'll give McNair a pass on that one solely because he is so often the only one to provide any creativity.
  6. Lol a touch late, he was so late he was operating on a different calendar.
  7. Well that's a clear red card what the hell is this ref doing.
  8. Ayala just received a poor kick from the Leeds gk, moved forward, NO ONE made any runs for him and he had to give the ball away.
  9. Was just coming to post the same thing. We're absolutely dire today.
  10. Well you saw that coming from a mile away, tore us apart so easily it's unreal.
  11. Hey now, maybe they all turn out to be incredible young players and that's actually a really strong bench. please let me dream.
  12. Mejias, Wood, Reading, Liddle, Clayton, Walker, O'Neill
  13. Who says Britt is out? Woodgate said he was good to go after the game against Barnsley and that he'd not mentioned anything to him, has something come up since?
  14. 2-0 Leeds and Bamford will probably score.
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