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  1. Have you seen the goal though? What a goal it was
  2. Think 1-1 is alright; neither team was very good and neither deserved 3 points, so it's a fair result.
  3. Absolute accident lmao. What a surprise that a low cross at Flints feet causes issues, only taken 80+ minutes to figure it out.
  4. Think we're up to 4 straight out of play from Bettinelli now.
  5. McNair gets elbowed in the neck Maddison: "yeah he just goes in with his studs there"
  6. I don't know, honestly. Just how it was explained during a press conference a few weeks ago, when Tav was hurt I think.
  7. Bennett should be off for me. Elbow to the jaw.
  8. It's not, it's something to do with the layer under the grass and the way the pitch is constructed. It's why it's not apparently fixable till the summer.
  9. I like that our plan against a team that averages about 18 feet tall at the back but struggles with balls to feet is lots of high balls and high crosses.
  10. yeah he actually did really well with both of those instances. Nothing to fault him for there.
  11. Low and hard here. Too close for up and down.
  12. That's definitely not right, NML is definitely further right than that.
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