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  1. yeah okay, agreed, that game was better, but that doesn't excuse the growing amount of garbage games before it.
  2. This is what really pisses me off the most. I'd still care, but probably not as much, if we were 4th bottom but were at least playing exciting football. The fact that he did a complete 180 on his style of play inside a month winds me up no end.
  3. If we do anything but win this game that'll be the result that fully convinces me we will go down. A west brom esque performance would be nice, only with actually some finishing of chances.
  4. He did. He had the shot that johnstone saved that resulted in saville looping that header and forcing another save.
  5. Lewis Wing has never looked good in that deeper role any time I've seen him, so playing him there in a period where he's already looking pretty bad is just a recipe for disaster.
  6. To be fair this does feel really cruel. I genuinely believe we deserve something out of this game, so to still lose hurts.
  7. Fletcher just missed an open goal after another great save from Johnstone 😞
  8. All West Brom now, we can't get on the ball.
  9. Tav bursts into the box and does a defender, slides it to Saville who forces another great save out of Johnstone.
  10. Howson forces another save out of Johnstone.
  11. This is far far better than pre international break. Our biggest problem is still some of the passes. There's so many what if passes, that are either too heavy, or get cut out, or aren't heavy enough, but that are intended for players making good runs. There's intent there, just not the execution.
  12. Well those stats aren't right because Johnstone made saves on McNair and Britt. Savilles header I think is also tipped over by Johnstone, so we had 3 shots on target at least.
  13. We nearly score with the final passage of play. After a breakdown between Tav and McNair we win the ball back and Wing whacks one from 35 yards. Cannons off a WBA player straight to Johnson, who drives one from about 20 yards. That hits Britt, who actually controls it and gets a good shot off saved by Johnstone. It bounces into the air and Saville gets his head on it and it loops over and a combo of Bartley and Johnstone tip it over the bar.
  14. Tav unintentionally elbowed in the face, ref ignores it and plays on for a good 30 sec. Apparently head injuries don't require stoppage today for some reason.
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