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  1. ladies and gentlemen, please tick "last minute injury to key player" off your excuses bingo card.
  2. It wasn't even like it was at the beginning, NW says Bola went down yesterday. So there's our weekly "late thursday/friday training injury" that we seem to be getting an awful lot of lately!
  3. he said Watmore (Bregudily) - I assume he meant Begrudgingly!
  4. Oh yeah I'd forgotten to include them, you're right, that pretty much adds up then, but it makes it sound way worse when you include them, which I imagine is his intention.
  5. I can't work it out because even including Fry & Hall I can only think of 5 that we knew were injured going into the IB, Fry, Hall, Payero, Hernandez & Dijksteel. The Gazette say we definitely have 7 out and it doesn't include Fry & Hall, suggesting there are injuries we haven't been made aware of yet. The Gazette (the clubs mouthpiece) have reported that we will have 15 senior players this weekend, 3 of whom are goalkeepers. So they're definitely playing it up. They clearly are not including the young players on the fringe of the squad like you are.
  6. what's weird about that is in the 8 games he had when he kept us up, I think Britt scored like 5 goals for him didn't he? Then for whatever reason he just completely ruined him the season after.
  7. Yeah maybe Qatar wasn't the best example 🙂 You're right they have hit the news quite a bit for their human rights issues, especially regarding the world cup.
  8. Russia / Abramovich got a lot of discussion when he first took over Chelsea. The other 3 aren't countries/regimes that directly own a football club in the Premier League, so aren't really relevant. Teams like Man City & PSG do get a lot of talk about their owners. I just think this is the most flagrant one yet. As far as I know, Qatar (for example) have never hit the international news for organising the murder of a journalist (although I'm sure they have done plenty of gross *** like that in private). Saudi Arabia are just bold enough to do it all in the public eye.
  9. I think Johns specifically has an emotional connection. NW has supposedly treated him really well since he started covering Boro so it looks to me like he likes the person and as such is willing to defend him still. Not sure he needs anything out of it to do it, he just genuinely seems to like Neil.
  10. Another thread that shows why NW is the problem at Middlesbrough.
  11. I would agree with you on this, I just can't shake the "typical Middlesbrough" thing. Hull were also a team last game who were *** terrible at home (and in general really). Giving Peterborough their first away win of the season feels like something we will do.
  12. Yes, Jack Robinson - gone to Yeovil on loan after playing in preseason. Next man up though, Kokolo is starting to feature on the bench now. I know I'm late to this one but this is literally what we all said vs Hull too and look how that turned out 😄
  13. Yes, Warnock said the club had been in contact with Cameroon, who had assured the club that they would "try to start him both games". I guess they tried and failed lol.
  14. We won't be happy with that, we've apparently been told by Cameroon he would be starting both games.
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