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  1. I don't usually watch F1 so I went to find out what you were talking about and holy crap, a legit explosion, a car torn in half and the guy WALKED AWAY.
  2. We did park the bus..it was parking the bus that got them their equaliser, we barely touched the ball after we scored for a good 10 minute spell. Just sat deeper and deeper.
  3. Because we're clearly gassed, he has Roberts stapled to the bench and he's sat there twiddling his thumbs till 80+ minutes. Horrible game management today.
  4. Just one of those games where everything went wrong. Won't happen too often where we concede the first two goals like that. My biggest concern is the negativity from Warnock, waiting till 80 minutes to even consider a change.
  5. 0 out of 10 for Bettinelli and Warnock today. Think they've both had a mare. Nothing above a 6 other than Howson who has been his usual steady self.
  6. 2-1 down, 4 subs still to use, doesn't even look likely to make a sub. Absolute ineptitude from top to bottom 2nd half today.
  7. In the first half Huddersfield were one of the worst teams I've seen this season. In this half, we're one of the worst teams I've seen this season. I hate Boro sometimes.
  8. Dijksteel definitely struggling here. Can't believe we haven't made any changes yet.
  9. Agreed, having seen it again not only does he come out, but he comes out at the weirdest angle which is waht causes him to slip when Campbell turns back inside.
  10. honestly looks like he slipped on the second, looks like he falls over even before Campbell has started to shoot.
  11. One of those things, they're going to happen from time to time, shot ourselves in the foot. Need to get our heads screwed back on and get back into this. Still a winnable game.
  12. Actually think outside of the misses he's been alright. Making clever runs, made a good few layoffs. As for the goal, think Bettinelli has to do better, gets two hands on it.
  13. That's great work all round, great from Tav, great finish from Marv. Who had Marv as our top scorer after 10+ games?
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