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  1. Come on Wednesday, grab a last minute winner. they have to go for it.
  2. From what I was reading, Rotherham should have been 3 or 4 up as well, so that's really tough.
  3. Cardiff equalise that sucks 😞
  4. Rotherham fans probably expected it & Sheff Wed had to expect it with the points deduction, but this must be a surreal experience for Derby fans.
  5. i'm sure people would be less angry, yes.
  6. they're a playoff team so no, probably not.
  7. Djed & Johnson off, Malley & Akpom on.
  8. He wasn't standing offside at the throw in, he was offside from Rhodes header at goal.
  9. https://streamja.com/9jep9 Posted it earlier but here it is again.
  10. preaching to the choir here mate but that isn't what happened, so now I am just hoping they can get the most they can.
  11. Just throw the kids on and left them have a half of competitive football.
  12. That one is on Paddy, but we can just add that to our mountains of stupid goals we've conceded.
  13. I wonder if Ikpeazu will be available when Wycombe go down, I quite like him tbh.
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