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  1. I don't think we will be, but I like the optimism!
  2. This. @Changing Times nobody wants to see you go, so I'll hope you reconsider.
  3. DZ is the one that he made the statement too that got him banned so DZ is probably like his arch nemesis now.
  4. It's your "well actually" attitude. You post your opinions in a way that makes you sound like they are fact and everyone that doesn't agree with you is wrong. I'm not having a go at you or your opinion, I'm having a go at the way you present your opinion. If you'd just said "weird, I didn't think he was particularly good" I'd have said "huh, football is a funny old game isn't it, how two people can see the game so differently" but you didn't, you passively aggressively stated it in a way that sounded like "lol why would you think he was good everyone was rubbish and you're all stupid for trying to take positives from that game lol" I will make no further public posts on the topic but you're welcome to PM me if you have any further questions.
  5. With our current cb options though that may well actually play a little more into our hands, I don't think they're going to be pressured as high up the pitch (although I haven't watched Millwall this season so I could be wrong on that).
  6. I mean, I would argue being the best player in a Boro shirt would mean he was in with a shout as the best player on the pitch in general, a sentiment to which you responded: And to me that sounds like you saying you thought Howson had a poor night, ergo, he was bad. In fact, that entire statement reads as "I disagree he was the best player on the pitch, his one cross was okay but other than that his flaws were covered by a lot of support". However I concede that you never used the word bad, so okay let me go back and fix my original statement to more accurately describe what you said. No, no, CT has said he was bad "didn't think Howson was that good" and that's that.
  7. No, no, CT has said he was bad "didn't think Howson was that good" and that's that.
  8. I thought he had a pretty decent game. Went backwards a few too many times but that'll go with time and confidence I think. Wasn't afraid to try and get the ball in the box and when he did get forward he played some nice stuff especially with marv just before bola went off.
  9. He does. I'm not sure if its intentional or not. Context means nothing only each individual thing in a vacuum.
  10. Most boro fans I saw were saying he needs time once he was confirmed but hey ho 🤷‍♂️
  11. Don't know if this is any of you but it's pretty perfect
  12. Interesting. I thought howson was the best defender on the pitch at times (which is worrying enough) he made himself available, he tried to make things happen put in the ball for the goal but it was actually his defensive performance that I liked best last night. I agree he didn't seem to want to go forward as freely at times but he did make a number of runs with the ball still.
  13. I do remember one where he got sandwiched between two players and went down quite easily. It was outside the box from memory though. I remember remarking to my dad that usually I wouldn't consider it a foul but in context of everything else the ref had given I was a bit annoyed that one didn't qualify. Was just another one of the inconsistent decisions he made.
  14. Yeah, like I said I can't talk about the Johnson one, but my gut reaction is he just thought the fletcher one was a good tackle. Limited viewpoint from the single angle we had though so it's difficult to truly say one way or the other. Also despite how badly we played at times we still had two corners cleared off the line, britt made the wrong decision on a great passage of play, another time he had a great run and forced the keeper into a save (again difficult angle to know if he should have done better) and fletcher got in behind a number of times in the second half, just bad decision making / finishing on his part last night.
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