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  1. Think even when he plays as a CM he plays as an attacking one anyway nowadays, so it's basically the same thing really with him. He's going to be in the box whether he's running there from deep or from near the front. Yeah the Ameobi one I'm hoping is simply it's lagging behind after the self isolation and it's nothing serious.
  2. All three recovering from injury. Coulson did his thigh, Wing is getting a scan on his shin & Bola is still recovering from that hernia. Think NW said they expect him back for York though, so guess we wait and see!
  3. It's not just the end of the season, it's two seasons with Rotherham. 10 goals in L1, 7 in the champo.
  4. I think it might be Morsy - Payero - Crooks
  5. not after Payero is in and settled, I don't think
  6. Brunners


    @oneboro just to make you aware of the latest ad plight!
  7. We have definitely had interest in him previously so it wouldn't surprise me, it's a finances thing on that one I think
  8. So apparently FMTTM is getting a bit over the top and linking us with Stevan Jovetic now.
  9. Brunners


    Less important, but he was also the OG ITK too; many a gazette story taken from his posts on here I'm pretty sure!
  10. Brunners


    Have been discussing what to say about this, but yes, it's a sad, sad day. He was always the nicest guy when I spoke to him. Thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP VB.
  11. I was literally about to say Leeds didn't pay us anything for the first year.
  12. think it will be later in the week. wednesday is my bet.
  13. Rooney has come out recently and basically said exactly that. "we need to sign some players or we can't even field a team for the first game"
  14. was reading the opinion of a couple of fulham fans on reddit yesterday, and they were both in agreement that as far as wingers go, Kebano is actually arguably one of their best options.
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