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  1. Doesn't that go directly against UEFA saying all leagues must finish?
  2. We have an official Fifa Esports player now! he's currently guided us into the last 8 of the Ultimate Quaran Team tournament being run. He has beaten Huddersfield, Walsall, Central Coast Mariners & VVV Venlo so far.
  3. Non league football appear to have expunged their seasons, which is concerning... Hashtag United affected after being in a promotion spot having played 71% of their games. Spencer mentioned a team in the tier below that had already secured promotion, wiped off.
  4. Be careful cause if you praise them while they're playing terribly they'll often react negatively.
  5. I was gonna say he was only like 19 then right? Man that was a fun watch, I was 14 that year so I was a couple years into my active supporting, that was the team I really grew up with. Watching Boateng, Mendieta, Zenden, Queuedrue, and of course TLF. Brings back a lot of memories! I didn't actually get to watch this game because I was playing my own game of football at the same time!
  6. Wow that is shocking news, RIP Peter Whittingham! Remember watching him whenever we played Cardiff, as well as some other times. Wand of a left boot.
  7. Some interesting theories starting to crop up about what might happen with the football season, including this one:
  8. I know someone has said it, but I don't think it was Boris was it?
  9. Isn't it usually the end of June contracts expire?
  10. Wishing you and your mrs all the best Billy ❤️
  11. I know you're just being pedantic but it just means you've isolated yourself, rather than being isolated by other people.
  12. This is a comment by a Charlton fan in their post game thread from last weekend. Just found it interesting how differently two sets of fans could see the game! I thought the ref was letting a lot of stuff go and actually missed a BORO penalty, rather than a Charlton one.
  13. From memory I think it was around about 3-3.5m for all 3. £2m for Dijksteel, 1m for Bola and 300k for Browne.
  14. Man I wish I could share your optimism.
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