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  1. Think it's Martin carter you're thinking of mate. The scout that picked out Djed and Izzy.
  2. A Sunderland style few seasons seems likely. Always there and there abouts but not quite making it, then they'll come back up in 4-5 seasons
  3. Yes probably! Your posts read like you've been getting a little wound up, just didn't want it getting out of hand that was all mate! If it was meant in jest, I apologise and please carry on ❤️
  4. Signed ex Wednesday keeper Joe wildsmith too.
  5. Genuinely quite upset with no payero. Was hoping he'd get preseason to prove himself
  6. Yeah was gonna say it was only announced shortly before the players turned up in it at bishop Auckland last season. Maybe we get the same again but seems unlikely unfortunately.
  7. Still no sign of Brad James. Disappeared off the face of the earth recently.
  8. It's a joke on the white and gold / blue and black dress from a while back!
  9. We actually employ CT to be contrary to literally every point that gets made on here. It's actually an impressive talent he's honed over years.
  10. They do have their own sources, most of their stuff comes through Pete O'Rourke the ex sky sports journo.
  11. We dont know what his English is like now to be fair, he's been learning it for a year. Surely all he needs is enough to comfortably get by on a football pitch and understand what wilder yells at him. Also if he goes on loan in Europe it's more likely to be to leagues that play similarly to ours. German and Dutch leagues are the obvious choices
  12. That's an unsettling unicorn, something about it just feels right.
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