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  1. I'd be down to chip in.
  2. Well we are now no longer the only team to take points off Reading and weirdly it was the team we just beat! Weird league, this.
  3. Don't think it's necessarily true about Warnock. NW has already said he watched the U23s game against Leeds and was so impressed by one unnamed player he had him called up to first team training immediately.
  4. Having an academy that produces regular professional footballers in any capacity is hard enough tbh,
  5. Derby getting bought by a Sheikh apparently. God I hate Derby.
  6. Excuse me sir, I am not Welsh and I am contacting my lawyers right at this very moment to sue for slander!!
  7. I will probably pick up a ps5 at some point. My PS4 has a collection of great games that I never finished, so I can't wait to have the same on the PS5. Some of my favourite games and I still never finished them 🙂 RDR2, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Ghost of Tshushima. Should get back on those really...
  8. Honestly I'm just always happy when I see our academy players having any sort of professional career. I still check regularly to see the kind of game time players we recently sold are getting, cause I'm sad like that.
  9. Thanks both of you; that makes sense 🙂
  10. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12117074/efl-chairman-rick-parry-writes-letter-to-government-we-cant-stop-clubs-going-bust I think Parry is a tosser but to be fair to him I don't think he could have been much clearer in his letter.
  11. So I've seen lots of highlights recently where both penalties and red cards were given, I thought they'd moved away from red cards if it was a penalty, or is it still a red card for being last man?
  12. Oh; in that case, sure, I agree with that. It's not a one rule for one 2nd rule for another thing.
  13. Wait, are you saying we can't criticise players for playing bad? Fry was awful last season, to the point Warnock has stated he "didn't get the hype" over Fry. Why can't we criticise players that are playing well beneath the level we've seen them reach previously?
  14. I mean, it still doesn't change the fact that when everyone was complaining about him he was awful, even Warnock said as much.
  15. Now he's back to playing in his proper position he's back to his best again, thank god for that!
  16. In loanee news, Ste Walker scored on his first start for MK Dons.
  17. my mistake it was indeed 7-3, I misread!
  18. Suppose that says a lot about Mitch Curry ending up there then, for a while I thought he was supposed to be the next big thing.
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