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  1. Depends on when the legislation goes through - the initial aim was to have them off shirts by the 23/24 season, yes. Also, might not even apply to us anyway if this sentence in that article is correct:
  2. I know he hasn't won over any of the managers since & that's on him, but I do feel a little for him with the original situation. Come in, wait to make your debut - play a few games, season paused for 3 months. Get battered in your first game back and the manager that brought you in is immediately sacked. Not easy.
  3. and those £20m players include players like Neal Maupay, Adam Webster & Ben Godfrey, none of whom are "in the wrong league" or "unbelievable unique talent". Just under the £20m mark? Bloody Oli McBurnie at £17m!! (Don't you dare Mr Wilder!)
  4. So could Kilkenny be the Howson replacement/competition then?
  5. he's a holding midfielder, just to add to the information.
  6. Oh god, we're on the snowflake stuff now are we. I stop listening as soon as anyone intentionally uses that in a discussion, what a waste of time.
  7. Yep, school could be used to teach a lot more life practical stuff than it does currently, I 100% believe that.
  8. I'm sure Keiran Scott will be relieved.
  9. Maybe I'm being naïve, but if everyone knows he didn't hit any targets and was therefore still a free transfer, how the hell are Everton ever going to ask for £20m for him?
  10. bbiiiiiig old man yells at clouds vibes for sure.
  11. He's got myopathy apparently, "a muscular disorder which affects the fibres in the muscles, meaning they do not function correctly"
  12. Sheff Utd with the turnaround and game on! 3-3 aggregate now!
  13. They're the same thing.
  14. Was going to reply and say this exact thing - third kits aren't to help with colour clashes, they're to make more money.
  15. When was the last time we had an actual third kit that wasn't just "a white one to wear once a year"? Have we ever actually had one like other clubs do?
  16. Don't think Paddy was as bad - he only had the one ACL injury. Bielik ruptured his ACL and then within months of coming back tore ligaments in his knee (I think they were different knees too, but not 100% sure on that) that knocked him out for another year. Transfermarkt isn't always reliable but they have Paddy missing 48 games with his ACL & 10 others in his younger days at Man Utd. Bielik missed 78 games total with his two injuries, again according to transfermarkt. His knees are held together with papier mache at this point.
  17. Naismith and Cornick I'd snap up in a heartbeat. Adebayo too if he is available but I'm not sure he is anymore.
  18. Made his debut at the end of this season and scored 30 goals for U18s this year, so you never know.
  19. What I like about both of those is the fact the sponsor changes colour to match the colours.
  20. Then why did Adam Webster go for 20m?
  21. So long as it's not made out of whatever the *** the original version of that design was made out of. The itchiest damn shirt I've ever worn.
  22. Think they had some of the more unique designs, but yeah the quality was not good. Lets hope that's improved.
  23. They literally just got promoted, they'll be rolling in money won't they?
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