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  1. I still watch Dave Gormans Googlewhack adventure as an annual tradition. In fact, it's almost time to watch it again this year!
  2. Personally I think we will lose all 3 of the away games but all 4 of the home games are entirely winnable. 2 wins 2 draws for me Not sure what order though.
  3. I wonder if all the Traores were on the pitch at the same time how they'd do the shirts. Traore Adama A. Traore?
  4. IIRC we were apparently looking at him in the summer too.
  5. I think it could go either way, for me he does get the ball, but the argument is whether he goes through Britt to do so and it looks awful close. I think even just a few seasons ago it's counted as an excellent tackle, but now you can never really be sure anymore.
  6. Exactly. I get his sentiment and it's valid, but the way he expressed is a bit of an own goal IMO.
  7. Also it turns out it was Nahki Wells that played the back pass Britt scored from; so I maintain my statement that Ryan Manning was the best player on the pitch today.
  8. I get the sentiment of "ignore the haters online, reading that will just destroy your confidence" and what not, but jeez this is not a good look.
  9. yeah fair enough. He was always one of your traditional sporty kids in school, but I played on the team for a year or so so we were kinda okay. Wouldn't say we were close, but I didn't dislike him!
  10. Lol I knew him in school but haven't talked to the fella in nigh on 15 years. Always followed his career though because it's just cool to see someone you knew succeed.
  11. Neil Etheridge has always been a quality goalie though; it's been his application that let him down and I think he'd be the first to tell you that. Even back at school you could tell he would go on to big things if he applied himself.
  12. Hey guys, as far as moral victories go we won 3-2 because I'm 99.99% sure that Ayala was not offside. 🤗
  13. I thought we'd get beat comfortably so I am absolutely thrilled with that. 2 goals, should have been 3. Probably should have poked home the one at the end that got stuck in Fletchs feet too. Think we were the better team for 65-70 minutes of that game. Didn't really give up that many clear cut chances, I'd say 3 or 4 all game, which with Randolph back there is fine IMO. Don't think there was a bad performance out there today.
  14. Should be another yellow for Hall there, who I believe got booked earlier. Should have been 2 reds today.
  15. Tavs best game of the season for me, buzzed about everywhere, good touches, good runs, some decent passes. Lets hope Clayton can just shore up that CM now.
  16. Lol yep. I totally knew that would happen if I jinxed him like that. *cough* Saying that that back pass I feel is forced because we've pressed so well they're playing too quickly from the back.
  17. Manning best player on the pitch for QPR, dangerous every time he touches the ball. Boro better team again but we won't make it count.
  18. Hugill coming on, guaranteed goal there imo.
  19. The defensive stuff LOOKS much worse BECAUSE the attacking stuff is so so bad. Fix that and the other will look better.
  20. People are just being negative for the sake of being negative now, BD is getting worse and worse for it. We've played pretty well today. Plenty to blame Woody for but I don't think today is on him at all.
  21. Defending poor for first goal. Unfortunate for second, the man marking hall is blocked off perfectly by QPR to give him the free header. Randolph saves and Howson just happens to be stood there. Just how the season is going, for 35 minutes today we were by far the better team, robbed of a goal IMO by another poor officiating decision and now losing 2-1. Don't have it in me to be mad anymore. What will be will be.
  22. Lmao that is the most hilariously Boro goal ever. A save made by Randolph palms into Howsons back and in. From a corner that Friend didn't really need to concede.
  23. 1-1 Friend playing Wells onside by about 5000 yards. All comes about though from a relatively lucky bounce rather than clearing the ball a Manning deflected pass makes it through to Eze to keep the ball alive works it back to Manning who puts it in and it makes its way back to Wells, who, as I said, 5000 yards onside thanks to Friend.
  24. Just what we deserved and it comes from Howson actually running with the ball, what a cross that is!
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