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  1. Maybe he just wants to come home; some players are like that.
  2. He must have pulled it getting up from the dinner table when out with Fletch and Clayts the other night.
  3. Honestly I'm surprised we don't have more people fill these out! Thought they'd be more popular! Glad you do them.
  4. Seems fair enough; basically just average for everybody!
  5. So that suggests then that Fletcher is helping create a lot from open play? Because actual assists aren't counted are they? So he's had 27 passes result in a "chance", as well as like 4 assists and 9 goals (7 championship). Pretty solid season so far from Ash. Although again, I wonder how many of Fletchers key passes are layoffs for someone to shoot from 30 yards.
  6. I suppose ultimately he doesn't have to go anywhere, if he only wants to go to Boro no one can make him play for Watford. The Watford link seems to be for a purchase not a loan; and I just have a sneaking suspicion there's only one place Gibbo wants to go.
  7. The Spence line is very encouraging though.
  8. Watford considering bidding for Gibbo, according to the Northern Echo
  9. Ah yes I remember now, I think the discussion was always about corners counting as key passes. I suppose if it's every pass before a shot, it will count a lot of passes before our 10 long range efforts into row Z every game too lol.
  10. Which is the thing - I'm sure we've found in the past that it's far more lenient than this. I'm sure I remember @Changing Times being involved in the discussion so hopefully his good memory can come in handy here and he can let me know if I'm remembering correctly?
  11. I wonder what they class as key passes, as this comes up every time we have a key pass discussion haha. Actually is nice to see Wing in 2nd despite what many consider to be a sub par season from him.
  12. Probably, as far as I know he didn't really want to go in the first place.
  13. Report: Derby and Middlesbrough want to rescue 'lovely footballer' from PL strugglers Jack Simpson link again.
  14. Fingers crossed BD is right and this isn't an ongoing thing - still think he will be an important player for us if we can utilise him correctly. Why Woody seems so convinced he can play that deep role will forever frustrate me!
  15. When you click on a tweet, click the button to the right of the heart. It's like a tray with an up arrow in it. Then click "copy link to tweet". Just paste the link in and it should do it automatically 🙂
  16. If you trust the Echo it's supposedly another winger, but no names as of yet.
  17. I think prior to Birmingham he'd contributed to 4 goals in the previous 6 games; if twitter is to be believed.
  18. Having watched it multiple times now I'm pretty convinced he's offside, he's way ahead of everyone else. I suppose the argument is whether he's in line with the cross, but it didn't look it to me. Either way; I find it incredible that they're genuinely arguing about this; rather than just acknowledging the reffing howler here is the ref not stopping the game earlier.
  19. And the award for most ridiculous rumour goes to...
  20. Agree mate. He looks bloody lost when he gets played in the Clayton role especially last night . Either play him where he thrives or don't bother. Agreed - not to mention when he has played further forward or as the 10 they have been his best games of the season. The talent is still clearly there, just think we're using him pretty poorly atm. Need him driving forward and being around for shots, not trying to ping 50 yard cross field balls from the centre spot.
  21. ?! he's probably our player of the season up to this point?! For the first few months of the season he was basically the only player likely to create something offensively for us.
  22. yah but originally it was said as a midfield/utility player which would rule those two out.
  23. hardly a utility player mate. He's barely got one good position nowadays, let alone multiple.
  24. I don't think they've just made it up; he is recorded on payroll sites at 40k so I would guess that's where journos are taking it from.
  25. Ref stopped the game every 10 seconds, and yet somehow never in our favour. Coulson has food poisoning - is currently on antibiotics.
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