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  1. I'm really looking forward to how we play with the new boys, but concerned about the lack of height in today's lineup
  2. Howson already our best performer in the game
  3. Short corners and throw ins in the final third. May as well pass it directly to the opposition 😕
  4. We look like a team that has had a disrupted 10 days due to Covid, need to cut them some slack.
  5. Diagonals over the full backs heads is the way to go for me
  6. They are playing a really high line and currently winning the midfield.
  7. Spence and Johnson were anything but negative when they came on on Wednesday and deserve to be in.
  8. Agreed! Although, he has a head like an anvil, so will play when the likes of Cardiff come to town.
  9. Very professional performance again, we just aren't giving the opposition any clear chances.
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