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  1. Happy with the win and job done. Importantly, might send out a message that parking the bus and trying to frustrate is no longer guaranteed to work at the Riverside.
  2. Decent battling performance against good opposition. Well done boys, clean sheet
  3. There's not much not to like about Morsy.
  4. I reckon the Big Boys will say 2 down with no promotion from the Championship in year one and leave the EFL to sort the rest out.
  5. I agree with you and I wasn't advocating selling him. I was just trying (obviously poorly) to make sense of being linked with another central midfielder and that Paddy is one of most saleable assets, so keeping tabs on Mowatt, as an option in case a bid comes in for Paddy. I'd be surprised if selling Wing would fund buying Mowatt.
  6. Plenty of positives today and plenty of room for improvement too.
  7. Tav needs to hit the net, instead of the bar/keeper 😉
  8. Scruffy game. We started to get a grip of things in the last 5 mins and it felt like the goal was coming. Great strike from Tav and Saville did well to get his head on the rebound.
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