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  1. Can see Warnock walking after all this, he's been thoroughly mugged off on deadline day.. what the rest of us have been used to for some time 🤬
  2. Maybe the 'hole' he is going to be playing in isn't the hole he first thought..
  3. Well I guess we aren't signing Morsy if Bailey is tweeting about it. About as accurate as a blind sniper.
  4. Oh I have no idea if it is or isn't Stewart, just like that photo of someone talking to Bauser about Ostrich Eggs! Their fans seem to think it may have been, unsure if there's more evidence of that or not.
  5. Kevin Stewart played for Wycombe as 'A Trialist' recently I believe?
  6. Assombalonga has been in Norwich doing fitness work - probably just a random coincidence but the trainer seems to look after a few different players. https://www.instagram.com/bastraining/
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