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  1. Agree with that 100%, Reach is underrated by a lot of Boro fans. Ideally De Pena would go out on loan.
  2. If it's a success it'll be become permanent. Anyone know if there's a ticket office there? Was far more convenient nipping to the town centre store for tickets.
  3. Block53

    Red Faction

    The last lad is back in January so not till then. We've got new scarfs available on our social media pages too, again all proceeds go towards displays and improving the fan culture.
  4. Block53

    Red Faction

    Link attached for a Charity Do celebrating 140yrs of MFC and raising money for Teesside Hospice; https://www.facebook.com/events/1087324947946634/
  5. Ruled me out of attending both games. There's a petition during the rounds hoping to force the relevant authorities to be more accommodating to supporters who travel.
  6. Disgusting prices. That's me priced out.
  7. Lots of Boro possession, MK happy to put 10 men behind the ball.
  8. Now then, As part of the clubs approaching 140yr anniversary the Red Faction supporters group are organising a few charity events. We're looking to organise a 11 a side match with each player paying a small fee and the collective total going to a local charity. The OneBoro forum would be an ideal opposition if you would be up for getting a team together? Dates, venue etc are flexible so let me know if you fancy putting this together. Regards. UTB.
  9. Was dragged along to Ayresome Park in the early 90's and was instantly mesmerised by the singing and atmosphere rather than the free flowing football. A couple of years later and Robson arrived and things went mental. I feel very lucky to have grown up following a really exciting team, God knows how parents managed to get their kids to go during the Southgate/Strachen/Mowbray era!
  10. Block53


    I've heard a far more unsavoury chant doing the rounds about Delia.
  11. Yesterday's starting 11 was more like something you'd put out in the early rounds of the cup. Aitor has underestimated Bristol City and its bitten him on the backside. More worrying still is that we still don't look capable of coming from behind. I prey we learn our lessons fast this season or there's no chance of a top two finish.
  12. Has become a good little rivalry this fixture in recent years. Hoping the atmosphere matches the one at their place last season. I won't make any team selection predictions as Aitor does what he wants ha but hoping to see the two new strikers at some point. UTB
  13. Chuffed for Kike, well deserved. Fabbrini is just what we've missed, always looking for the ball and bombing into the box. A poor Bolton but we look a bit special this season. Exciting times ahead!
  14. Just get the trains but make sure you split the ticket. Purchase a Notts to Leeds return, then a Leeds to Boro return. Always works out much cheaper splitting the ticket, we do this regularly for awaydays.
  15. Block53

    Red Faction

    I had my appeal hearing this morning and the mood was a positive one. The club and group can definitely move forwards together.
  16. Block53

    Red Faction

    "Stewards really make me laugh, give these idiots a yellow jacket and they think they rule the world!" Really don't want this to turn into an us/them thing. The vast majority of stewards are sound as a pound. Likewise RF can't be responsible when some divvy starts misbehaving in the South Stand.
  17. Block53

    Red Faction

    Great to see supportive posts on here. As one of the lads effected I wouldn't describe my behaviour as 'thuggish' but everyone's entitled to their opinion. We're hoping to have successful appeals as some of the accusations are frankly laughable, we very much hope to be back supporting the team very soon. If anybody would like to show support for the group they could drop MFC an email at supporters@mfc.co.uk Cheers for the support. UTB.
  18. I'm sure there was a handful in Trafalgar Square too, though my memory is a little fuzzy. Preston are gonna be well up for it, cannot wait for kick off.
  19. Whack me down for 4, I'll pester the Red Faction boys and see if we can get a few more donations.
  20. Class interview. He comes across like a great bloke and his positivity is infective.
  21. Block53

    Red Faction

    New Tshirts. All proceeds going to creating more flags, banners and displays in the Riverside. Please use the Family and Friends option when using PayPal.
  22. How do you think English clubs can reinvigorate the terraces that were once the envy of the world but now seem sanitised, quiet and passionless. Plenty of European leagues manage to have modern safe stadia without loosing the culture, colour and noise. Can the changes be reversed or is supporter culture in the UK dead?
  23. Another Saturday's overtime in for me then. Should be a decent test mind but will hold little appeal to most.
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