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  1. Pretty sure he will if his bonus is related to how much we do or don’t spend
  2. Bring in a few good players, win our first 6 games and Tav will soon be forgotten 😁
  3. A promotion bonus could easily be 1m, if not more, depending on the player/club
  4. Also, nearly every club in the world wouldn’t make it into the top 6 in the Prem. there’s only 6 places for a start 😁
  5. we’re not in the Prem 🤷🏻‍♂️ And I think the standard of the teams they played in the europa league (on the way to the final), are a cut above most of what we play week in week out. I’m not saying he’s a bad player. He’s just not that special
  6. I don’t think Tav is that special. Shows flashes and lots of potential, but by now, he should be doing it week in week out. Like his brother does for Rangers. If we get a decent fee 12m+ I would be happy to sell. He will probs go on and do great things for another club, I’m just not sure he will ever be that guy for us
  7. Giz a job. Go on, gizzit. Giz a job. I can do that. My names Yosser Hughes 😁
  8. Yeah. The ‘initial’ fee shouldn’t be confused with up front. Most ‘initial’ fees are spread over a number of instalments, even for the big clubs, unless your neymar and the buying club is PSG 😁anyway, it will be down to 10 mil plus add one by next week. Some clubs seem really good at getting value for their players, but it’s not something I associate us with, unfortunately 😞
  9. I have a sneaky feeling Spence will still be a boro player when the season starts 😬
  10. I would be worried if it is gibbo and levy doing the negotiating. Neither of them will want to back down an inch, leaving the possibility of no deal very real 😁
  11. Because the options we seem to have are levy and Brentford. Levy is a tight ass and Brentford won’t pay more than 12 mil. Even the team played for last season have moved on. My feeling is, it will rumble on till we eventually accept less than we want
  12. Way things are going, I think we will be lucky to get 12 mil for spence
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