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  1. This is not a prediction. No way, Xavier. But it's what I would do (from the comfort of my armchair) Brynn Dijksteel Wood McNair Jones Howson McGree Tav Bola Coburn Balogun
  2. I think our away kit just needs more blue in it. In RGB speak, I'd suggest 40 150 170 Words fail me, see jpg
  3. Yes, I'd be inclined to let Daniels go in the summer, hang on to Sol - whose efforts seem to be greatly appreciated elsewhere - and let Lumley stay as number two keeper. Whoever comes in as first choice GK will probably depend on which league we'll be playing in...
  4. Oh yes. Especially in Reber Mozartkugeln. They're formidably expensive, and not that easy to find in sunny England but, where confectionery is concerned, they're bluddy amazing. The tins are great for storing stuff, too...
  5. Actually, I'm quite impressed with the levels of competence of some of our top footy managers compared to the dreadful people who are supposed to be running our country. Personally, I'd be quite happy to have J Klopp or T Tuchel as Prime Minister. But why would they ever want to do it... In a previous life, I was once told by my Director that one way of defining a good manager was "someone who was skilful at getting his own way". Hmm. I suppose Xi Jinping and V Putin would fall into that category.
  6. Well, I know I don't make very many posts, and there's a reason for that. I'm here to learn. And, honestly, it doesn't take too long to figure out which of you contributors are worth taking at face value, and which can be safely ignored...
  7. Yup, although, as the football world begins to pay us a little more respect, those players start to look more attractive, marginally, to other teams. "Wow, we're in with a chance of signing a CB from Middlesboro!!"
  8. NW has been consistently misquoted, I think you'll find. Mr Warnock's original remark was that he wanted two from each continent.
  9. Buy a thin & crispy Marguerita and add your own favourite toppings.
  10. Nah. This is business. This is how things work. We need to hold our honourable position until a contract gets signed. Courage, mes braves!! 🙂🙂
  11. Should help you make a saving on the grocery bills. Hope you like Bubble n Squeak
  12. Yep, they're the only ones close to the situation. It's not necessarily a waiting game though. Their positioning has to be: we stand by our bid; we aren't backsliders, we are honourable people and you can trust us to keep our promises. The deal ain't dead until contracts get signed, with whoever
  13. I don't pretend to be anywhere near the details of this situation - but one gets the feeling that here is a possibility of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. I hope that's how the Bausors and Gibsons of this world see it too. Dear Flamengo, you would prefer to deal with an honourable football club, wouldn't you??
  14. Hi there. Please can you sign me up for the main league?? Thanks. I'll try and do a better job of it than last season. I'll be paying by PayPal if that's okay
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