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  1. Yep. The distortion's at their end, not mine...
  2. Some of us who suffer post-urination leakage have additional complications. I happen to be diabetic, and take a wonderful drug called empagliflozin. This changes my kidney function so that blood sugar gets excreted through my urine. So far, so good, but it means that the warm dampness in my boxers is choc-a-bloc full of sugar. Ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive, and THRUSH especially. So the cream that women (some women) put on their doo-dahs from time to time, I have to apply to my thingamy-jig. Just thought you might find this interesting.
  3. My interpretation of the remark was that he expects defeat for Norwich. As do so many of us...
  4. Oh, I know her very well. We used to call her "Spanner". Every time she walked in the room I could feel my nuts tighten
  5. An Oxo cube in hot water plus cayenne pepper fixes anything
  6. Is that the one out Pocklington way?? Didn't realise they had a footy team
  7. There's an old saying in the theatrical world... "amateurs practise until they get it right - professionals practise until they can't get it wrong" 🙂🙂
  8. Sky Sports News are saying that NW has tested positive for Covid-19. Get well soon, owd lad.
  9. Thanks to one and all for the warm welcome and kind remarks. Greatly appreciated. Mille Grazie!!
  10. ... and the other thing, of course, is I dont know how to pay you. I'll be using PayPal. Cheers,
  11. Hi, sorry for delay in replying (other things getting in the way). I am indeed all set up on Fantasy premier league, but the team name is Sleepy Head FC. Don't know why, as I thought the update had taken, but apparently it hadn't. Sorry about that... thanks for your help,
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