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  1. My interpretation of the remark was that he expects defeat for Norwich. As do so many of us...
  2. Oh, I know her very well. We used to call her "Spanner". Every time she walked in the room I could feel my nuts tighten
  3. An Oxo cube in hot water plus cayenne pepper fixes anything
  4. Is that the one out Pocklington way?? Didn't realise they had a footy team
  5. There's an old saying in the theatrical world... "amateurs practise until they get it right - professionals practise until they can't get it wrong" πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
  6. Sky Sports News are saying that NW has tested positive for Covid-19. Get well soon, owd lad.
  7. Thanks to one and all for the warm welcome and kind remarks. Greatly appreciated. Mille Grazie!!
  8. ... and the other thing, of course, is I dont know how to pay you. I'll be using PayPal. Cheers,
  9. Hi, sorry for delay in replying (other things getting in the way). I am indeed all set up on Fantasy premier league, but the team name is Sleepy Head FC. Don't know why, as I thought the update had taken, but apparently it hadn't. Sorry about that... thanks for your help,
  10. I know I'm the new boy here but, after a short time following this and other commentaries, I believe I detect a certain amount of muddled thinking. Have we been through an extended period of poor recruitment, strange decision making, spending too much money on players who weren't up to standard, and too many dreadful match results?? I think yes. Not very many folk would disagree with that. But we can't change what's in the past. It's an entirely different matter to adopt positive mental attitudes now (sorry, I know it's a worn out old clichΓ©), look forward to a brighter season ahead of us, put forward constructive suggestions where probs can be fixed and improvements made (positivity in action), and disregard the pessimistic and defeatist remarks that aim to drag us all down. I still expect us to be in the top eight at Christmas. A position we can build on. Onwards and upwards, as the man said...
  11. Oh boy, oh boy, I really would like to give this a twirl!! Could you add my team, please?? Abdominal Pain FC Ta very much πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
  12. Yup. Disillusionment?? Perfectly understandable. Questioning of the situation, so as to arrive at a precise definition of the problem(s)?? Essential. We haven't seen very much, if any, evidence of the club's progress in managing this situation, but our hope and expectation is that somebody senior is applying himself / herself to fixing it. Fixing it good.
  13. I can't believe some of the stuff I read on here. I don't live in the area, so what is that causes such a defeatist attitude?? Something in the water?? If there's anything that really gets up my nose, it's a "no can do" attitude. Bahh!! 😐😐
  14. Hmm. Not very clear to me, I'm afraid. How much revenue will the club bring in this season?? I don't have an answer to that, and I don't think the club does either. 😐😐
  15. Yeah, but we don't know which audience he wanted to reach with that remark. Supporters, and news media?? Or was he speaking to the other clubs, players, and their agents?? He's a crafty ole bugga, that Warnock...
  16. Well, the week is just about coming to a close, and Mr S Gibson has been asking Mr N Warnock "Hey, Neilly Baby, how was your week??" I'd be fascinated to know what sort of a reply he gets...
  17. Unless there is a change of ownership, and a subsequent injection of new funds. The more I think about it, the more I am persuaded that MFC is ripe for a takeover. Big club, good facilities, several years of under- achievement, and a wide perception that it isn't very well run. In this world, there are a hell of a lot of people with serious money. Maybe someone feels they could do a better job of running this football club, and generate a very good return on their investment??
  18. I think a potential buyer might well want to deflect any criticism over redundancies onto the previous regime. I would have thought this was standard practice...
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