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  1. Best I've seen us play in a long long time. Really happy with the commitment, passing and all round gameplay, shame we couldn't get the goal the performance deserved. Roberts must be taking a daily dump in Warnock's cereal to not get a cameo in this game. Think he might just have had a good impact over Marv.
  2. Cobra Kai is the best show I've seen in years! Perfect mix of nostalgia and reboot. I'll tell anyone who'll listen to give it a watch (if you were an 80s kid)
  3. If I was a Burnley fan I'd be terrified having that anoos associated with my club. I read through about 100 pages of thread on the Charlton forum and what he put them through was unreal
  4. Just watched the HBO series The Vow about Keith Ranierre and his NXIVM organisation. The first couple of episodes are a bit slow but show how easy unsuspecting people can be sucked into a cult. The later episodes are just mind boggling how it all escalates. Keith Ranierre was sentenced yesterday to 120 years in prison for what he did too.
  5. Played the current top 3 in first 6 games and not lost to any of them. Better results than we've had from recent managers
  6. Clayts sent off for Birmingham, and they instantly concede
  7. In 43 years on this earth I don't think I've ever seen that word before. Besides, we all know you need to be watching the ring girls for titillation
  8. I read a blind item about this a few months ago. Half the time it's a bunch of horse**** but it looks like this one was unfortunately true 😔
  9. Oneboro seems to disagree with you regarding Gibson. Says he's off to Forest. By the way, when did our website become an official news source? 😂
  10. Before I read the answers I honestly thought the Prince Harry one was James Hewitt
  11. I got 29. The ones I got wrong were the ones I second guessed myself. Some of them were corkers.
  12. I was wondering that too. If we're protecting kids from walking about advertising addictive pastimes, what about those recovering from said pastimes. I can't imagine a recovering gambling addict wants to show off the company that bankrupt them.
  13. Like how Warnock said he went on some of the fan forums after a few of the defeats. I wonder if he came on here? Neil? VikingKingBoro is that you?
  14. Yeah, I mean he doesn't even have the mask over his face 😷
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