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  1. I was wondering that too. If we're protecting kids from walking about advertising addictive pastimes, what about those recovering from said pastimes. I can't imagine a recovering gambling addict wants to show off the company that bankrupt them.
  2. Like how Warnock said he went on some of the fan forums after a few of the defeats. I wonder if he came on here? Neil? VikingKingBoro is that you?
  3. Yeah, I mean he doesn't even have the mask over his face 😷
  4. Probably Southern press. Anything north of Watford is 'the grim north'. And they're East I suppose 😂
  5. At one point tonight he got beyond their last defender to the byline and ran it straight out of play by taking an extra touch. That's not champ level to me, that's conference.
  6. We need to move on Marv after tonight's display. I felt he was our only weak link. He tries but he's got the first touch of a toddler (although he's not the only one), the set piece delivery of leadboots, and the positioning of a tipped over traffic cone
  7. Well done Warnock. He's saved our bacon there. Well done Barnsley too, 2 excellent wins on the bounce. I'd never have put money on them staying up a week ago. And wow, Forest fans must be seething right now.
  8. I thought it was the same poster who used to be on here, kingboro was it? Or something like that. Their writing styles seemed similar.
  9. Finished 1-1. I honestly think we're safe now. Can't see any of those in the bottom 3 winning all their games
  10. Warnock has a 50% win rate with this bunch. What was Woodies?
  11. It's probably safe to be a monkeys uncle anywhere but Hartlepool
  12. That Hull Wigan game looks dull. No goals in the last 5 mins.
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