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  1. That’s fair enough but I’d rather watch the current team than the 45 mins against a Swansea. Admittedly, it’s not one or the other but to go from where we were in March to where we are now, has to be an improvement.
  2. Maybe, but we did win both games. The championship is full of games like that which don’t always go as you expect. Having played 4 of the top 6 being, I don’t think see how anyone can be anything other than pleased with our start.
  3. Comparing how we are now, compared to how we were against Swansea at home is chalk and cheese.
  4. Dijksteel, McNair and Fry have all been excellent this year. A complete turnaround from last year when we looked like we would concede from just about every attack.
  5. Complete agree. With the possible exception of the relegated clubs, who often struggle with other aspects of the league, the quality of the league is very similar. Confidence and momentum can get you a long way
  6. Loved the press conference. I agreed with every word he said
  7. He was. Played well when he came on last week too. Please keep him away from the left where he looks awkward
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