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  1. Looks like the humour in the post went over you head. Lol. Spence has no chance of playing prem football just as spurs have no chance of signing adama.
  2. Spurs after adama, wonder if Steve will phone them and ask if they want Spence and loan us adama.
  3. Spoke to a mate at work who is a rangers fan, he says lundstram is a very good defensive midfielder ( howson cover ). Only reason he is not playing for them is because Stevie g left and gio wants a settled team. Also changed the formation. He says he would be gutted if he left.
  4. Is anyone else having Blackburn flashbacks,If we get the game called off bet we are the first team to be docked 3 points for a COVID postponement.
  5. Just seen this. Mind you it is in the sun. EFL scrap Covid tests on the day of matches to stop late call-offs after anger among all 72 clubs https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/17176949/efl-scrap-covid-tests-matchday?utm_source=sharebar_app&utm_medium=sharebar_app&utm_campaign=sharebar_app_article
  6. This is mine. I've got us on 42 points. Can't do screen shots as you all can see.
  7. AT Least The Skunk's Are Top Of This League. Newcastle United fans smelliest in the Premier League โ€“ how does your team fare? https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/16872016/newcastle-united-fans-smelliest-premier-league?utm_source=sharebar_app&utm_medium=sharebar_app&utm_campaign=sharebar_app_article
  8. Do any of the in the know squad have any idea if this is us. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/16374673/crystal-palace-sako-transfer-championship-club/.
  9. We are going old school for this one. 3-1-4-2. Lumley,. Hall fry bamba. Howson. Jones sillki payero Tav. Sporor uhce. I'm going for a one nil. But can decide which way. UTB.
  10. Reading between the lines of the q and a in the evening Gibson. I don't think we are going to sign any free agents. It says we sold morsy and loaned out Spence to balance the books. If that's the case where are we going to get any money for free agents. Not happy if this is true as I feel we could do with an extra striker and we definitely need another left back for cover.
  11. Emerson scored a few great ones.
  12. Best ever goal - any goal against the skunks. ๐Ÿ˜
  13. Formation 433 Lumley Bola hall fry dijksteel morsy McNair payero Jones ikpeazu crooks. It's about time we beat them If dael watches this he will. Hopefully we will get some more in Come on Boro remember they owe us three points.
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