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  1. Hi All Just to let you know the full Q&A with Neil is now available to watch on the club website. Its 90 mins long, lots of great content. Hope you enjoy! Ask the gaffer
  2. Afternoon all. Middlesbrough Foodbank needs our help to survive. Middlesbrough Foodbank is 70% down on donations this year, a year in which demand has sky rocketed. Families are in real need. MSF cannot collect at games at the Riverside this year so instead Middlesbrough Supporters Forum are asking if everyone could donate the price of their pint as if they watching Boro at home. Wish you were having a pint at the Riverside on Saturday? Why not donate the cost of that pint to support @FoodbankMbro and help those in our town who are struggling. Every single pound
  3. Hi all Not sure if you seen the transcript from NW, the link to its here: MSF meeting with Neil Warnock
  4. Hi All Just to make you aware the minutes from Mondayโ€™s meeting are now available to view on the MSF website, link below. They should also be on MFC.CO.UK at some point soon. Thanks https://www.boro.support/middlesbrough-supporters-forum-minutes-41/
  5. I hope she does, I have made her a member of the official MSF WhatsApp group now. ๐Ÿ˜†
  6. Jen, thanks for attending tonight. I will get some sort of MSF communication sorted this week announcing OneBoro is joining the group as a new permanent member. For info I will get the minutes typed up and circulated this week.
  7. Hi All I will try and answer a couple of these questions. Firstly there will be an FAQ coming out from MFC that will answer a lot of the main questions that have been asked so far. I'm also looking across forums and social media to pull any common questions that i notice have not been addressed and i will feed these into MFC. I believe there will also be another communication just on streaming. So should have answers about overseas in that. Due to TV rights / EFL, the club are only able to stream home matches if those in the stadium are season card holders. We did ask
  8. If anyone has any questions, on the ticketing, streaming, why no general sale tickets I will try and answer them for you. Cheers
  9. Perfect, I will make contact with Jen. Thanks everyone Just a bit of an update on MFC communications, you can expect something comprehensive to come out very soon (this week, maybe today or tomorrow ) in regards how a restricted Riverside will work. The communication will include details around the remaining tickets, streaming, concourse away fans, loyalty points etc. A lot of the main questions I took to MFC from forums and social media will be answered. cheers
  10. Hi everyone I had intended to come back on the forum sooner to answer some of the questions so apologies. Firstly, I'm not sure what happened with the previous application that you made to join MSF and when that was. Im not sure if i was involved in the group at that point or not, but it was not something i was aware of. Was a reason provided why you could not join? I would be interested to know. In terms of MSF discussing team affairs, this is not something we can really have any influence on. Recruitment, style of play who we should sign and who is playing well etc are all thi
  11. The forum doesn't discuss team, recruitment or players, its everything else but that. The dissatisfaction around communication was raised and they took the feedback. The document covered a range of topics in relation to the current situation from how the remaining tickets should be sold, what will happen with the streaming service, concourse info, what is happening with away support, more communication, loyalty points etc.
  12. Afternoon everyone I thought I would do a quick introduction on the main forum, as I have just posted on the new members thread. Firstly, my name is Mark Motley and I recently became the new chairman of Middlesbrough Supporters Forum MSF. I have been a regular reader of this forum but never posted, and I though the time was right to set up an account so I can interact with everyone on here. I know in the past, people have been fairly cynical of the MSF, and I'm looking to change how the forum is run, the perception of it as well as be a lot more visible and ensure the commu
  13. Middlesbrough Supporters Forum Facebook Page Hopefully the link should take you to the MSF FB page. Cheers
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