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  1. Wow cheers for the replies, I am very much still in the research phase of the book. Interestingly, when at Middlesbrough in 18 /19 he was extremely defensive even for pulis, as you were 4th bottom for Goals scored yet finished 7th. At stoke in 07/08 they were in the top 5 for goals scored. From what I've found after he got sacked from west brom he needed to tighten up his defence, and effectively went from a neutral route one manager, with the 2 strikers pressing fairly high up the pitch. To playing 5 at the back with only 1 player with any freedom. Am I right in saying that last season u wer
  2. Hi Boro fans, I'm currently writing a book on English football and I need your help. I'm obviously writing about all aspects of English football from Guardiola to of course Mr Pulis. Could anyone give their views on the tactics he used ( I believe he used a back 3??) I tried this on the stoke forum and they thought I was a rival fan taking the ***, as a book that contains his style of play may not be considered riveting to say the least Cheers
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