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  1. yeah, life is difficult and I know I will face sarcasm. It is not hindsight. And it shows how reilable it is.
  2. But he has great body balance. i know you will reply like that...it is your character
  3. Rhodes was a waste of space. And we should also blame Barragan for the goal conceded. He was the one who got beaten and then was a pedestrian without chasing the ball back. Attack wise he offered no support for Stuani. He lacks pace apparently.
  4. :D my bad that i don't realize there is a new rule forbidding any comment for the match which was 2 days ago. :( but even though you were talking about the 1st half, liverpool didn't boss the midfield. the 2 chances of hitting the post from liverpool were created by the ball interception around the box of ***nal. its more like a 50-50 possession between the 2 sides ***nal somehow show if you are a quality team you simply dont need wingers. their starting lineup were in midfield were with one holding midfielder + 3 x no. 10 + sanchez who was known as striker but droppinig deep acting as a midfielder
  5. in 2nd half pressure piled on the box of liverpool's side who were finding it difficult of running over the half line. threat from liverpool was more direct as there were much more side passing in ***nal's side. but to say liverpool bossing the midfield is wide of the mark especially i believe ***nal got a better possession % during the match
  6. I genuinely lol'd at that :) Who do you think we should bring in Zman? i don't know. but i want to see us play as a team with players doing more one-two rather than relying on a Ginola-esque player. i am gutted we haven't signed Fabbrini permanently who is the type of player we need. he is with tricks, pace and more importantly eager to have interlink with other players
  7. 14 assists? his assist record is good but he is a Ginola-esque player undoubtedly he could provide crossing or assist but it remains to be seen if he could fit our system especially after the Bolton match where Downing and Fabbrini provided many one-two which i think is what we need
  8. Perhaps fans may be appealed by the tricks provided by Antonio. but he is a player doing all the things by himself without any interlink with other players. he suits a counter-attack system with space for him doing tricks but not a system playing with a high line with limited space upfront. he is not the right player
  9. Hilarious because he didn't even want to go there a few weeks ago. Stoke have more Champion's League winners in their squad than any other team in England. tbh he never looked like any special when playing for bayern
  10. i don't have a problem seeing boro using 2 holding midfielders in away match. we could have conceded goals if not using this formation considering both leadbitter and clayton are not physically strong and pacy enough to be a lone defensive midfielder. but they should be told to pass ball quicker especially clayton often found guilty of spending too much thinking time for me i only question AK why he forgo counter attack. i didn't see once our player capable of stretching opposition by his pace during the whole match. carayol should have started instead of reach or our DMs should pass ball quicker to adomah who was the only on the pitch capable of doing so. fabbrini looked like more a 5m player than downing who should have started as LM where i think we could have more threat with his crossing fry is a great young player if he performs like that week in week out gibson should be patient to sit on the bench
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f6Cv9PrU08
  12. Dimi Nsue Ayala Gibson Friend Clayton Leadbitter Adomah Vossen Reach kike
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