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  1. I know. See my post earlier. I was battered and talking *** last night. Apologies!
  2. It’s come to my attention that I can spout *** after a Sunday evening skin full. It’s not even interesting ***. Apologies.
  3. No it’s not. Paraphrasing is stating a different meaning using the same words.
  4. I didn’t think it was at my expense. But we might need the opinion of an English teacher or a lawyer here because I reckon that removing the words which qualify my statement is paraphrasing regardless of the fact that you didn’t change the order of the words which you did choose to quote 🤔
  5. I know it was a joke but surely taking a small part of my statement and posting it is paraphrasing? Is taking lots of words out essentially rewording what I wrote?
  6. No. Dominate the middle of the park. You literally paraphrased me?
  7. I can see Roberts coming in for Johnson. Key to beating Cov at home is the same as it is to beat Brizzle away. Dominate the middle of the park. I can’t see Warnock breaking up the Morsy, Howson, Saville combo much if he can help it this season.
  8. We just need to win. It doesn’t matter how it happens, 1-0 will do. Coventry will approach it as a ‘free shot’ and consider any point as a bonus I think, so will play with less pressure. I’d be surprised if NW let’s the handbrake too far off.
  9. 10 points from 7 games generally would be ok. Throw into the mix that we have already played all of the current top 4 and it looks very good indeed.
  10. No. The season ticket only gives home games free.
  11. I believe he’s travelled. Whether he plays or not is a different matter
  12. Heard his only offer was from Hull and he was thinking of calling it a day 🤷🏻‍♂️
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