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  1. I posted it a few days back. We can’t afford to pay Roberts and Bolasie. If City take PB back then there is a chance that YB could be back on the agenda.
  2. If Roberts goes back to City then Robin Johnson might be in for a shock!
  3. I guess we’ll find out if anything changes with Roberts.
  4. Bolassie is basically dependent on Roberts going back to City. We have no cancellation clause so they don’t have to take him back. We can’t afford to pay both.
  5. Well if you think it, it must be true.
  6. I’ve been told it’s nowhere near 2.5illion. Around a million but I guess it could be topped up with add-ons if they get promoted? They being Bournemouth.
  7. Yep. A couple of seasons back - dropped a routine cross under no particular pressure and Howson tapped in from a yard or so.
  8. Apparently his dad is his agent. Which is inconsequential tittle tattle to be honest but I thought I’d post it anyway.
  9. Looking like Watmores agent is trying to drum up a bit of ‘competition’ to drive his potential deal up, which I guess is his job. Maybe it goes something like this; agent texts contact at West Brom ‘Duncan might not sign at Boro and will be a free agent in a fortnight. Should I keep you in the loop?’ Contact at WBA ‘Yeah ok’. Agent txts journo friend ‘WBA are keeping an eye on Duncan’s contract situation’. Journo trots out lazy sound bite disguised as ITK. Agent repeats with a few other clubs and suddenly it’s a bidding war. Probably takes less than an hour to engineer and get into the public domain. Such is the clamour of media outlets for transfer gossip it’s a piece of cake for any agent.
  10. Morsy was defo fouled. Betenelli dropped a bollock in the build up but his protest got it disallowed. Maybe the linesman saw NW charging down the touch line which helped him clarify his thoughts on the decision?
  11. BBC live text! Go on son - have another guess.
  12. With Bolassie coming in I just can’t see where Roberts is going to get game time. Same applies to Coulson to be honest. I’d be surprised if we don’t add a right sided wide man too. It’s certainly not about individual ability - it’s about shape and balance of the team and it doesn’t ever look quite right with Patrick in it.
  13. All the same you might easily have taken a look at today’s team and been positive about it 🤷🏻‍♂️ You didn’t though. After the game you confidently ‘predicted’ that the same line up from Wednesday would not have won the way we did today. Easy to conclude, and impossible to prove after the event. I don’t necessarily disagree with a lot of your points to be honest, but it would be easier to hack if you were making them before the game rather than after, when we’ve won 3-0. You won’t though because your mind is made up re Warnock.
  14. Betenelli shouldn’t be playing, Warnock should resign, Gibson should sell the club. No doubt if we had lost today you would have been on here, explaining in detail what Warnock should have done.
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