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  1. Meanwhile, in Cardiff, Mick McCarthy picks up his telephone......😬
  2. But they might if someone had offered £50 million?
  3. They might if someone had offered £50 million
  4. Does anybody know if Bausor inserted a ‘sell on’ clause into the Bamford sale?
  5. If you think about it the Payero thing has to have substance. It’s too odd of a link for some journo to have pulled his name out of the air? The only thing that would put Boro and his name together is a genuine interest I think.
  6. I hope we sign the Argie boy rather than Smith. Because even though I’m getting on a bit I’m still a sucker for a foreign signing even though I’ve never heard of him. If you need further explanation DM me 👍🏻
  7. I definitely hope we sign Payero rather than Michael Smith. Michael Smith is such a common name and Payero is exotic. Even though Smith scored more goals last season than any of our players. Payero just sounds really good. Although I’m joking I’m actually not - I really hope we sign him even though I’m 52 and I’ve seen it all before.
  8. I agree with this. If it was in the balance he would not have reacted this way. If it’s rubbish he would have said it’s rubbish.
  9. Had you heard of him before today? I’m not having a go just a genuine question. I hadn’t btw.
  10. That might be enough to keep us up 👍🏻
  11. Since Warnock has indicated that he wants 3 strikers in why does Austin need to fit the ‘target man’ template? Might be looking at a couple in that vein and another to ‘feed off the knock downs’ etc. Which he would fit ok I think.
  12. Have a Google of her daughter.
  13. I don’t believe this. He wouldn’t even get that if he went to Turkey and he absolutely knows we can’t pay it. It makes no sense as a story.
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