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  1. I dare say somebody will be along any minute saying I got it wrong because I said this morning and not yesterday!
  2. Assombalonga & Fletcher have left the club this morning.
  3. Jesus! Read the post. At no point do I try and say that everybody doesn’t already knows that Britt is leaving. Point me in the direction of any confirmation from the club, player or press that Fletcher is too? Or Akpom?
  4. So you already knew that Fletcher is not re-signing and that Akpom is being made available? It doesn’t matter anyway does it - whatever information people share it’s shot down in a trice by some clever c***.
  5. Haven’t been on a while. Came back on because I’ve been told that not only is BA leaving, but so is Fletcher and Akpoms availability is being circulated too. As usual met with a smart arsed gobshite who clearly knew it all before. Can’t be bothered anymore.
  6. From what I hear we will be looking for at least 2 if not 3 strikers.
  7. How did Darnell not get sent off for this? Both feet off the floor, studs showing, nowhere near the ball. Totally out of control of his body.
  8. Game after game our £15M CF schooled in the art of hold up and link play.
  9. He got done for violent conduct but he looks like he was being quite gentle in the photo?
  10. It’s conceivable we get a huge bid for McNair tomorrow I think. Not ITK just speculating.
  11. Clever work by Bausor and Pulis creating the myth that Bamford wanted to leave and we got 10 million for him. Neither is even close to the truth.
  12. Bristol City and Sheff Utd. Watford have also had an interest.
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