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  1. This is probably our only hope. Carving out a 1-0 win seems unlikely in the extreme.
  2. You know it. Posh have lost every away game. Enter Dr Boro.
  3. 0-2 within 15 minutes. Toxic in the stands, chaotic on the pitch.
  4. When he blames our defensive injury crisis for our battering today, I hope that somebody at the presser reminds him of our feeble effort, and deserved defeat, at Reading as a counterpoint.
  5. He came through the ranks as a centre half
  6. Turned into a cockney at the last second?
  7. No doubt we will sit in and concede possession to them early doors, allowing them to grow into the game. They will then nick a goal and the atmosphere will deteriorate as we struggle to carve out any clear cut chances. It’s far from meaningless as a defeat would surely spell the end for the manager and we have already seen 2 examples this season of dreadful records effectively being ended with wins against us.
  8. The stats show that if we hadn’t conceded those goals then we wouldn’t have conceded them? 🙄
  9. Also stop using pseudo stats to mitigate real ones. Only thing that counts is goals conceded and goals scored.
  10. Easy enough to write patronising rubbish when you don’t actually support the club? We are only Middlesbrough after all? Narrative seems to be ‘stop moaning, be grateful for what you have, with a bit of luck you could have been 10th instead of 15th’ Well whoopee-do Craig. Come back when you’ve done a lifetime of support and at least 5 years of watching backwards anti-football. To my mind we are exactly where we deserve to be in the league right now, and given the investment it’s nowhere near good enough.
  11. I get this. I’ve seen some pretty poor efforts in my 47 years supporting the lads (the early 80s was an especially poor vintage) but the past 5 years has been very dispiriting. I can just about accept the turgid football if it is purely a means to a successful end, but we are just getting the worst of both worlds currently and it’s tough in the fans.
  12. I don’t even know what it was for. Might just have been a review and planning next moves effort. I’m very confident that the meeting took place though.
  13. Probably went into the meeting with a view to showing him the door, him leaving an hour or two late not only with his job in tact but also a bit of extra money to get Brady and the like on board.
  14. I can’t say mate. It fits in with the rumour from Payero about 11am only that was the time of the meeting rather than an announcement. I’m confident that a meeting is taking place but I guess nobody outside of it can be sure of outcome?
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