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  1. A simple formula to arrive at the true going rate is to take whatever Daniel Levy is offering and add 50%
  2. I haven’t had a lot. My source has been quiet since he met a new lass and he’s spending every spare minute with her and her lad Mungo. Nothing more on Darlow only that announced soon.
  3. I’ve been told Darlow could be confirmed as early as Monday.
  4. What did Juninho10 do? Was he just a bit annoying and posted up a bit of rubbish? I saw somebody posted up a racially sensitive word for Jewish people today and get a mild rebuke from the mods - did Juninho10 use racially sensitive language? Pitiful day for this board if I’m honest 👎🏻
  5. Which is why the tweet was leaked via the journalist by Spurs last week. Spence wants Spurs, Spurs want him on the cheap. Shoddy behaviour but not unexpected from Levy.
  6. Why does any of it matter though? Block him if you don’t want to read his posts. It’s a sodding rumours (tittle tattle) thread on a message board.
  7. We need to get full market value for Spence. It feels like his behaviour is a deliberate ploy to make us shift him at a knock down price just to be shot of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if his agent is party to it and knowing the way Levy works in transfers him too. Personally I would be very happy to watch the stupid t*** rot for two years while we keep his registration. I still don’t think he’s all that as a player, defensively naive and lacks end product at the other end but if he’s in demand then we want top dollar and shouldn’t be bullied by anybody into selling on the cheap.
  8. Well played Dan 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  9. Whoever can guess correctly from the two Fulham midfielders who have played for us before, one of whom would never be considered to be a replacement for Howson? This one is going to keep me awake tonight 🤔
  10. Despite him having an excellent season, and I am a big fan of Howson, I think it’s the right decision. It would be fantastic if he decided to stay as a back up but it’s probably not what he wants at this stage of his career. Reminds me of when Grant and George left - great pros and have given us everything but no real room for sentiment. It’s a tough position and massively important, so I can understand Wilder looking for an upgrade.
  11. Agree 100%. Swift is a top player at this level and any club with ambitions of challenging has to be in for him on a free. It doesn’t necessarily mean we are changing formation or actively looking for a 10.
  12. We got Lumley in nice and early last year. And then we got him out nice and early this.
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