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  1. Thats a shocking statistic, considering the strikers we have had and the money we have paid for them in that time. I know its not easy to find a 20+ goal a season striker, but 30 years is a very long time considering a big chunk of that was not in the top flight and we had a fairly large transfer kitty for a Championship club.
  2. Joe Lumley would be absolutely Fabulous!
  3. I was only 12 or 13 at the time and just remember he looked like Emerson.
  4. Or A Emerson cousin, can't remember his name was it Fabio or Fabinho sure it began with a F.
  5. Met Arthur and his crazy world and had a quick chat with him before he went on stage at the music festival in Boro in the early 2000s.
  6. I would like fletcher to get a contract extension, I think he would have a lot to offer playing under Warnock he is still only 25 so just about to hit the peak of his career I also think Warnock could get the best out of him. Britt I was over the moon when we signed him I used to go watch him play at Posh and always rated him, but over all he has been a disappointment so I wouldn't shed too many tears if he left. I think we still need another striker in January, I can't really see Fletcher being up to full fitness much before the season ends after 5 months, it only takes another injury to our
  7. Putting things into perspective, at the start of the window if we go told that we would of signed a goalkeeper who two years ago was on the verge of breaking into the England team, A striker who a couple of weeks before was playing in champions league, an international midfielder with championship experience and previous club captain, a experienced centre back who was club captain at previous championship club and got Roberts back on loan. Not sold any of our main players and dijksteel to find good form as a centre back. No one would of believed it as its not typical Boro. It's a shame we neve
  8. I think Warnock wants to strengthen the core of the team, with a couple of leaders(Hall and Morsy both captains at previous clubs) to control the flow of the game and allow the more creative players(Tav, Spence, Coulson, Wing) to express themselves and be more creative, but also have these expeirienced captains to tell the younger lads when they need to hold formation and when to attack. I also noticed last night the new keeper was very vocal which is good to hear. I think we are 4 players away from looking competitive playing 532 wing back formation. Another experienced centre back, A strik
  9. Sorry he didn't bring us any luck guys. He is now grounded until his second birthday 😂
  10. My Son is a twin and was 4 weeks prem, so is a little behind with his speech and other bits. But I was saying to my partner I'm going to watch the Boro match tonight and my young'un said Boro several times. It is also his 1st birthday and only his 4th or 5th word. Just need a win tonight to finish off a awesome day, hopefully he gives us a bit of luck!
  11. I think we have already made 5 or 6 signings, but will announce them all at the same time to save money on tea and biscuits on multiple press conferences. Also the 5 players can just hold a single large boro flag between them to save money on individual Boro tops. *climbs out of nuclear bunker and takes off tin foil hat*
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