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  1. Could it be that he is setting it up for sale if (a rather big if) we get promoted?
  2. I am intrigued to see how this Director of Football role works with Warnock in place. I am not referring to Scott specifically, but to the whole concept with Warnock as the manager. Does anyone else see the potential for a bit of a conflict here?
  3. Forest seem to have had a dreadful window up to now, not sure what is going on with them at the moment.
  4. So I am just curious. Do Ipswich have to follow up on the red card or is it still with the Boro?
  5. I believe every team in the division would also be in trouble if the were down to their 4th & 5th CBs.
  6. Google translation: There is a good chance that Mitchell van Bergen played his last game for SC Heerenveen. The club is nearing an agreement with Middlesbrough on a transfer. For Van Bergen, a multi-year contract is ready in Northern England, where he will play football for tradition club Middlesbrough. At least, if a final blow to the transfer is given by Heerenveen. Van Bergen is already preparing for his adventure in England. He is also no longer expected to be part of the selection of Heerenveen, which will play a home game against RKC Waalwijk on Saturday evening at 6.45 pm. The 21-y
  7. Personally I do not rate Dike particularly at the moment and I watch him when he plays for Orlando. He runs very hot and cold and since he has been back from his loan at Barnsley he has been less than impressive, bit of a carthorse at times. Though he was a part of the Gold Cup squad for the US he really didn't play well or much.
  8. Forest have been very quiet this window up to now.
  9. +Yes he is (I have season tickets for Orlando) and to be honest he is a bit of a carthorse (like Assombalonga) as has been shown during the Gold Cop which has been ongoing over the last months.
  10. EXCLUSIVE Fulham CEO talks to Flamengo director, sews last details and approaches Rodrigo Muniz's hiring Alistair Machintosh called Bruno Spindel, director of Rubro-Negro, and guaranteed that the document will arrive in the next few hours; operation can be completed this Friday MunizMarcelo Cortes/Flemish vene casagrandevene.casagrande@odia.com.br Published 07/29/2021 18:13 | Updated 07/29/2021 6:13 PM Fulham took another step to seal the hiring of Rodrigo Muniz. This Thursday afternoon, the CEO of the English team, Alistair Machintosh, contacted Bruno Spindel, executi
  11. Under normal accounting standards for intangible assets, transfer fees are amortized on a straight-line basis over the period of the players’ contracts. This was how Derby got into trouble by assigning a residual value to reduce the annual amortized cost to the club. Let's say you are allowed to defer the payment, the costs would have to be assessed over a reduced period and therefore be higher in the out years, big risk if you don't succeed.
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