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  1. Personally I hate green kits, I would like to see a white shirt with red trim.
  2. I watched the u23 game v Stoke , and he did ok , high energy , runs all day , good pace , played as a no10 , and was one of our better players on the day .
  3. I have changed it smart aris , but well spotted uve !
  4. Well spotted Tom it's NML not MDL . I don't see Fletcher as our number one forward . 4/3/3 Kebano / Britt / Watmore NML / Fletcher / Bolasie ( getting fitter day by day ) Tav / Akpom / Johnson 4/2/3/1 Howson / Morsy Tav /NML Saville / Kebano. Johnson Watmore Britt / Akpom / Fletcher The options are endless and the best for a long time . Hats off to Steve .
  5. Confident of 2 before the window , and maybe NML after .
  6. A regular poster on fmttm has suggested Britt and Celtic .
  7. They had a bid of £3m turned down for Nisbet , so may still want another 1st choice striker , so £2m fee and £1m toward his wages , only a guess but could happen .
  8. I can see Britt going to Fulham or AFCB in the next 8 hrs , or Birmingham ?
  9. I also agree with Neil , I would like him on the left of 3 centre halves , bringing the ball out like. Gibson did yesterday . I think we need a big lad to dominate in the air at the back , Hal could be this , but we need a back up , and similar up front . We don't have a threat at set pieces , and are vulnerable in our box .
  10. I would have thought Gilmour would be ideal , like Connor Gallagher, and one I was hoping we would go for , Joe Lolley .
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