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  1. 3 signings as a minimum and we’d be about there for me. A left footer at the back, ideally Jacob Greaves, an athletic holding midfielder to challenge then replace Howson and an established number 9.
  2. I don’t think the midfield was the primary reason we finished outside the playoffs. When you say creativity what is it you mean? Beating a man centrally and threading through balls? Playing the pass before the final pass? We had those options last season but our finishing let us down. We operate a starting deeper midfield 3 than say Forest who played an advanced ‘10’ in Zinckernagel. If we played this system I can see the need for a designated creator but as it stands I think the most important improvement is a much improved left side giving us a creative option we lacked last season and b
  3. I agree. What we need to replace is Tav’s dynamism in the middle but it shouldn’t be at Crooks’ expense. For whatever his perceived faults are he regularly contributes goals and assists. For me we need to look at a starting 3 of Crooks plus one of McGree/Howson alongside a dynamic, athletic midfielder.
  4. He’ll make more mistakes, as they all will or they wouldn’t be playing for us. My point is he’s been brought in to try and fill a gap we’ve not had since Leadbitter left, a starter who makes demands of his teammates. We lack that vocal leadership and personalities who ensure the team is ‘at it’ from minute 1 and as such don’t spend 25% of games chasing our ***. Puyol was a great defender but an outstanding leader. Having that driving force on the pitch is key in all successful teams.
  5. I seem to recall us being slow starters quite a lot since Wilder came in last season, and not just one or two players but pretty much the full team. You could tell within 5-10 minutes if we were ‘on it’ or not. He does seem capable of rousing them at HT for an improved display but it seems odd that we looked so flat starting games so regularly. I think a chunk of that responsibility needs to come from the players though, you couldn’t start slow with a Roy Keane, John Terry, Grant Leadbitter in your team without getting an earful. As an example I see lots of debate regarding Lenihan vs Fry in t
  6. I would imagine if we’ve spent fees on Forss and Hoppe, if/when Muniz comes on loan those three along with Watmore and Akpom will be our front 5 until January at least. Even if we moved on one or both of Akpom/Watmore it would be for a minimal fee. We are crying out for a starting 11 left footed centre back, Greaves from Hull seems to be the preferred option and for me he is the type of signing we should be looking to bring in on a permanent deal. I’d say we need a couple in midfield too, one high energy, steady performer and one maverick type who can carry the ball forward in atta
  7. Could someone explain how frequent ‘media blackout’ weeks are at Rockcliffe and the significance of them historically please. I’d like to echo the sentiments towards Diggerlad and say I appreciate his input regardless of the Larsen outcome. His posts, along with RafSmog and Lurker, are always the ones I look out for. I for one think the recruitment strategy is heading in the right direction, we seem to be linked with players who I’m excited to see.
  8. I’m sorry to hear that mate. I don’t have any quotes to try and cheer you up or stories of similar experience I just wanted to pass on my condolences. If you need an ear at any point just message me. Again I’m sorry for your loss 💙
  9. Same for me. I think he’s exactly what we need. Him and Ryan Giles would be my realistic (ish) signings.
  10. Does anyone have a link to a stream please?
  11. Any tips for a novice streamer? I just keep seeing screenshots but no live action
  12. I’d like to see him stay, he causes problems for defenders every time he plays. His situation is similar to Traores in that he has fantastic physical attributes but could improve his awareness and decision making. For me he deserves to be playing somewhere. If it’s not going to be here I wish him all the best wherever he ends up.
  13. I’ve always heard good things about Sol Brynn. I’m sure others will know more than me but an acquaintance of mine who was involved with the youth set up has repeatedly told me he’s the best keeper at the club, although he also predicted Mitch Curry to go on and be a superstar.
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