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  1. I’d like to see him stay, he causes problems for defenders every time he plays. His situation is similar to Traores in that he has fantastic physical attributes but could improve his awareness and decision making. For me he deserves to be playing somewhere. If it’s not going to be here I wish him all the best wherever he ends up.
  2. I’ve always heard good things about Sol Brynn. I’m sure others will know more than me but an acquaintance of mine who was involved with the youth set up has repeatedly told me he’s the best keeper at the club, although he also predicted Mitch Curry to go on and be a superstar.
  3. I agree. I never really considered strengthening the left side a priority once Taylor came in as I thought Bola was decent with Taylor a solid back up. Although I don’t think we need an entirely symmetrical line up our attacking output from that side is minimal compared to the right. If we could get near replicating the triangle of Djiksteel, Crooks and Jones on the left we’d be scary.
  4. Another central midfielder. Howson, Crooks, Tav, Payero, McGree plus Malley. Must be the end for Siliki.
  5. Are you getting an option to view a stream? I’m only getting an option to purchase audio?
  6. Does anyone know the reason for this? I was under the impression midweek league games not screened on Sky would be available on Matchday Live?
  7. That’s without Stojanovic, Morsy, Browne, Ameobi, Malley, Spence and Coburn
  8. If we could get someone in to cover CB and LB I’d say the window has been about as good as we could have realistically had.
  9. What a window this has been! We have genuine quality options in midfield and attack.
  10. Has he confirmed it was those four people? If it was Warnock, Keiran Scott, Neil Bausor and one of the scouting team then that seems like a good way to operate.
  11. I would say our desirable key players were limited to Djiksteel, Fry, McNair, Tav and maybe Watmore. Out of that group I’d imagine McNair would be the one most likely to go
  12. I think there will be a huge turnover in the summer: End of Loan: Bettinelli, Kebano, Bolasie End of Contract: Archer, Johnson, NML, Assombalonga, Fletcher. Players I think we’ll move on: Spence, Coulson, Wing, Browne, Akpom. I think I’d be happy with maybe 8 in to replace those. 1 x GK - If we assume Bettinelli returns to Fulham and Archers deal isn’t renewed I’m happy for Sol Brynn to be back up to a new established, solid 1st choice keeper. Although you could argue it’s not ideal for Brynns development it would keep him in and around the first team s
  13. I still can’t work out what this formation is supposed to be. All it’s doing is nullifying Tav and Bolasie. It’s obvious this isn’t working. Surely this is the final nail in Spence’s coffin. His awareness is dreadful
  14. Pre-game huddle is that new or have I just not noticed?
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