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  1. I can't believe how many people have suggested we should/could get Dean Henderson. Aside from his wages which are about 120k, he is trying to become England's 1st choice and could get into a good number of top 8 teams in leagues across Europe.
  2. I was saying that if it is Reiziger, maybe he doesn't want to leave Ajax until the end of the season. Which would leave us in a tricky position right now.
  3. Have a feeling it might be Reiziger. Maybe he doesn't want to leave Ajax until the end of the season, which would leave us in a tricky position.
  4. It's a rumour he's anti vax so easily could not be true, and one quick look on twitter or instagram shows a lot of fans are upset as they rate him as a player, not because of a rumour. Not seen one mention of it apart from on here.
  5. Milad Mohammadi is a free agent LB, supposed to be decent, there was a few championship teams after him.
  6. Andre Gray gone to QPR. Thats Austin, Dykes, and Gray they've got now. I wouldn't have wanted Gray though really.
  7. Andraz Sporar has already said goodbye to Sporting and, knows A BOLA, is these days in his native country, Slovenia, with bags made for England. The agreement with Middlesbrough has been closed for a long time, but some of the player's fiscal issues, in Portugal, ended up delaying the Slovenian international's arrival in England. Something that, we learned, was finally overcome yesterday, so Sporar, also in Slovenia, said goodbye to the closest people, with a trip scheduled towards British territory. Just yesterday TeessideLive said that the reason why Sporar had not yet been made o
  8. See Rhys Healy is 3 in 3 for the new season, maybe will add a bit more on his price tag if we do go for him.
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