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  1. Agree some of it is good cracking, fmttm really has gone down the pan.
  2. They are making rules to accommodate var and its ruining games. They need to male it black and white, the whole arm is handball and not just below the shirt, whoever made that rule needs sacked.
  3. Some of the threads on there are really funny, some just a load of racist bullying nonsense. Shame it seems to have gone though
  4. Think we got offered £10m and gibbo snapped their hand off
  5. Totally agree, what a waste that was, imagine warnock on that budget, I could cry thinking about it
  6. The season we got to the play off final and he scored that goal vs Ipswich that just confirmed to me that the guy is class, we miss him badly
  7. Is this still a forum? Tried going on but seems its not around anymore
  8. Yeah I agree there, our team is crying out for some pace and flair
  9. Qpr want £5m for Samuel, I wish we had those funds at the minute
  10. It was a rumour about Mel Morris selling up, seems it was false
  11. Anyone heard anything about derby county? Rumours are something's afoot down there.
  12. I actually know the guy behind the username 😂 or at least he claimed to be him
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