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  1. Why is it so many of our fans think that signing players is as simple as working through a shopping list and going to a particular aisle and selecting what you want before you move to the next aisle? The transfer window has many moving parts, yes you may want a winger or creative player but you don’t just allow the other positions that require filling to be passed by. Would fans find it preferable if we didn’t sign anyone until we signed a creative player, even though we all know that we need other spots filling? Typical of Boro fans to lose their *** before allowing the club to finish the job. At least save the moaning until the window slams shut before we bemoan our lack of activity. UTFB
  2. I bet you’re straight into your WhatsApp group telling all your mates the names you hear in here though aren’t you fella 😜
  3. If we are playing 3 CB’s each game I’d say we need 5/6 who can play there. Although you have missed Dijksteel tbf
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