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  1. chipchat


    I tend to just lurk in the forum these days, but had to comment here. A gent of a fellow, and always committed to help others. RIP, sir.
  2. Reporters saying he shook hands with the entire squad on Friday at the Millwall game...
  3. I notice on the Kiko Casilla ruling that one of the names on the FA panel was Stuart Ripley... that our Stuart Ripley, anyone know? Think he went into being a solicitor so it's plausible.
  4. When we attack, what is our game plan other than run at them and hope for the best?
  5. Score? At this point, we need to start with having a shot on target.
  6. Leeds deservedly ahead, though not by a huge amount. Not a lot of shots on target from either team, but Leeds looking more purposeful around the box. We look clueless at the top end, wayward passes and no real pattern to our attack. Determined in trying to get possession, though, and Shotton had some really good tackles. Not sure where a goal is coming from if we're to try to get back into it. Not a shot on target from us again. EDIT: Should also have mentioned Pears, he's been excellent (though I'd rather he'd have caught one ball rather than punched).
  7. After the lack of creativity against Luton, if Morrison doesn't start, he'll be wondering what on earth was the point of him coming here.
  8. How has it taken this long without this picture making an appearance?
  9. I still think we'll stay up by a few places - just as when we had a good run and people were looking upwards so now when it's a bad run people are fearing the worst. A couple of results can change the face of it. That said, Woody seems to have had more bad months than good ones so far. Crunch time for him.
  10. I know people are saying Woodgate has been dealt a poor hand but our budget and our playing staff are still significantly ahead of what Luton has to work with and it didn't look that way today.
  11. If the relegation season is anything to go by then we'll have Keane as manager until end of the season...
  12. Awful performance. Nothing from the midfield, and tactically just throwing more strikers on just shows a lack of ideas. Zero creativity. Zero shots on goal. Against a better team we'd have conceded more. Well deserved, Luton. We made Lua Lua look like a world beater.
  13. Four strikers on the pitch and not a shot on target.
  14. Banned from Europa too, and a 25m fine. Fifth place will now qualify for Champions League... *eyes Sheffield United*
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