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  1. I'd agree with that, but... If we had an opportunity to loan him - and he was motivated to prove himself so he might get another chance in the Premier, I could get behind that as a possible good deal that would suit all concerned. At the right price.
  2. Unless it means a transfer is imminent and he's been told about it...
  3. I'm not sure we have enough wide options for it even to be called a crop! A start, probably more like. (And agreed, definitely better than what we have)
  4. Brahimi contract expires next month - and previous stories had him linked with a move to Liverpool, Newcastle or Rennes. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/03/20/bilal-brahimi-would-fulfil-a-dream-with-reported-liverpool-or-ne/ https://tbrfootball.com/liverpool-look-set-to-miss-out-to-rennes-in-chase-for-middlesbrough-starlet-brahimi/ (That's if he hasn't had a new contract agreed since these stories)
  5. Quote from Woodgate was: “I want to really promote the youth,” said Woodgate, who will be assisted by his former Tottenham Hotspur teammate Robbie Keane. “We've got players in there who can play in the first team. “We've got players who can play now and players who can play in the future.” So he's clear that he's looking to bring youth players into the first team now - so in terms of transfers we're presumably going to be looking at where we don't have strong candidates from the youth areas. Guessing then, that means: Spence to cover/challenge Shotton Coulson to cover/challenge Friend So maybe that might mean a utility full back to come in who can cover either position as a back-up? Wood at centre back I'd imagine will be fine to cover any space there, unless we get an opportunity to bring Gibson back. Brahimi and Tavernier to be given their chances further forward - but with Downing gone and Johnson seemingly not wanted, that should still mean some more experienced extra width coming in. Midfield we might not see experienced replacements for Obi Mikel and Besic - and in truth with a fit McNair we might not need any there with what we've got, especially if we play more width next season. Goalkeeper we need cover, and forwards especially if we get rid of Braithwaite and Gestede. I might prefer some stronger signings especially at full-back - but if we're saying the youth is going to be promoted, then there's got to be space left for them to be promoted into. Equally, loans you'd imagine we wouldn't look to bring in players to get in the way of young players here who can play a part for the team if we're going to live up to that pledge to promote the youth, so be interesting to see what kind of loans we look at - young players from top clubs or more experienced players (like Hugill) who would be expected to do more sooner.
  6. Malcolm Smith in a 2-1 win over Sunderland to start the 1972-73 season.
  7. They might be on holiday but I imagine they've still got their phones handy.
  8. Well, for that you go to the police. And he'd have widespread support from the club and fans who'd oppose such comments as that. Obviously it's hard to know because it's just speculation - we don't know what has or hasn't been said - I'm just skeptical that online trolls might spark such a reaction, hence wondering if anyone had seen anything. Worst I've seen is someone posting "woodgate out" on his anniversary photo on Instagram. (And yes, whoever that idiot is is in the wrong too)
  9. Even so, reconsider launching a managerial career because of one idiot? I just don't see that happening. I have no doubt there's idiots out there who throw around such abuse - hell, I've had some myself - I just don't see the process where someone gets a message and that leads to him telling enough people he's considering dropping out of the job offer because of it that the rumour does the rounds. It's just weird to me.
  10. Has anyone actually seen any abuse of Woodgate's wife? Obviously it'd be out of line if there was, but I've seen nothing so where's it been for it to be noticed? Seems an odd rumour to be doing the rounds that he's considering dropping out because of some loudmouth. I really don't believe that.
  11. Unless they're keeping options open in case new manager wants him...
  12. Jonas Knudsen leaving Ipswich with his contract up, just to mention as he'd previously been linked with us.
  13. I'm usually pretty positive about the team, but this is shocking if the window closes with nothing having happened. Shifted players out, got only short-term recruits in and not many of those, alienated players who know they were being offered around so know they're not wanted any more, failed to strengthen areas where we're short of bodies... I think probably the worst transfer window we've seen if it ends like this.
  14. Chap I know who's a Columbus fan says he's fast and strong, but the first touch of a carthorse and often loses the ball while dribbling. He's a bit surprised that there's been Premier League teams interested, reckons he'd be mid-table Championship at best.
  15. With the way today's results have gone, feels like a bit of extra pressure on this one. 2-1 to us, I'm going with, but I'm not terribly confident in that.
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