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  1. Wonder if thats why he didnt like Gibson Jnr, his uncle was too rich
  2. I was their as well, wouldn’t say he was diabolical though but he wasn’t brilliant either, I thought he played ok
  3. Will be their assistant manager Purches in caretaker charge not woodgate. Hopefully they fall for a woodgate PowerPoint and give him the job full time.
  4. Needs a complete change of scenery, people tolerate dour football if your getting the results, not if your losing. that said some of the football in the playoff and promotion seasons was really good, he just seams to of lost his way.
  5. I get this, don’t have an issue with 32red, apart from that 80k a week Rooney deal with derby, not sure how that was even allowed. I didn’t like having Ramsdens though, thankfully I’d bought one of the shirts with no logo just before that deal and kept that for match days for a few years. Though most people elsewhere thought it was the fish and chip shop anyway.
  6. I saw that, good on him, the whole thing seems abit fishy to me if the manager says he’s rubbish and not to sign him yet the club do it anyway, it’s a very odd.
  7. Pogatetz was awful at LB, Quedrue was miles better, he was a backwards step. worst for me is Hoyte had the ability but just didn’t want the ball and hid. luke Young best for me, he was brilliant.
  8. I kind of get this, we won’t go down but it’s unlikely we will go up or even make the playoffs, we are just way too inconsistent and don’t score enough, and until we clear out the strike force and get abit more creativity we are unlikely to have much money to spend. January signings also usually take a while to settle and get up to speed.
  9. Depends what you want doing, quite a few very good tattoo artists in the area, most tend to have a specialism though so depending what you want would depend on where I’d recommend for you.
  10. Priv

    Ibrox Disaster

    I’m 36 and until I read this thread I’d never heard of it either.
  11. Priv

    Why is oneboro

    So do I Jonny Lad, tried flyme for a while as well but time for a less political home.
  12. Yeah a draw would be very useful 🤞
  13. Any new contracts for either should be heavily incentivised by performance, give them the opportunity to earn good money but only with win / goal / assist bonuses.
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