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  1. It's been a long time since I've posted but I just wanted to come on and say.... I love you Christopher Wilder.
  2. oh an besides the goal, I thought we played alright today. Just need to get someone to pick that final ball out and we'll be fine - where's Tomlin when you need him 😉
  3. I'm absolutely incensed about what happened to Fry today and the abject standard of refereeing in the Championship. I totally agreed with Warnock's post-match comments- it was an absolute travesty of justice. Taking aside the fact he could have ended Fry's career with such a dangerous tackle, he almost blinded him in one eye. That decision completely changes the game - Blackburn do not deserve to have 11 men on the pitch. They also deserve to face a penalty. Even if we had missed the penalty, we'd have had 70- odd minutes with a man advantage. How can a linesman and a referee miss so
  4. I'd rather be in league 1 with an owner that actually cares about the club than sell our soul to an energy drink company. Some of you need to seriously think about what would happen to us if we got an awful owner in. Without Steve there wouldn't be a club now, we would have died in 1986
  5. I also heard he's signing a new deal
  6. I've been off the forum for quite a while, mainly due to having a baby (not me, my wife!) But I felt compelled to come back and join this debate. This man is the worst thing to happen to our club in years. I listened to talksport yesterday and as much as I dislike him, Adrian Durham nailed it by saying football would be glad of us missing out on the playoffs because of pulis's football. In truth, we were never ever good enough for the top 6 this year but that's where I get the most frustrated - we should have been a top 6 side by some margin with the players we have. Traore bailed him o
  7. Laughable when members people drop in limited information looking for some attention, and then go offline and not reply Ham_chop you a complete attention seeker.... Back your information up in your original posts. If you have information then share it, if you don't then you may as well not post.... Complete wind up merchant and in all honesty you look like a complete tit to me Or maybe the Sharing of finer details compromises someone? I'm simply giving a heads up. Call me a tit, wum all you like pal, I'm big enough and ugly e oughto take it. I'm just sharing something to give a war
  8. It's definitely not George, my profile picture was previously bamford. It's the club. That said player is potentially going to that's the hard to swallow bit
  9. Theres a big departure on the horizon
  10. Are people honestly moaning about being 1-0 up? Just try and enjoy it ffs
  11. I fu**ing hope not! Sysyem did not work and teams knew how narrow we were so let their full backs bomb forward at every opportunity. For me we play at our best in a 4-4-2 formation, although we don't play this formation until we are up against it. Monk isn't brave enough to start with this formation We started 442 last week against Fulham and couldn't get near them. We can't play that system
  12. Birmingham will be top 6 this season, easy.... Crazy deals they are doing
  13. Yes if he was in the premier league I could see him selected in front of maguire. I might get shot down but I think Maguire is a better player than Gibson
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