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  1. A player who I've been impressed with this season is Jorge Grant from Lincoln. If they don't get promoted i'd imagine a few clubs will be looking. 13 goals and 8 assists for them this season.
  2. I think even with more service he wouldn't fair much better. The only loss with him going is how much we spent on/how much we'd get back. It was foolish of us to throw so much money at getting him here, you can't blame him for that. Just another poor show by the recruitment team for yet another season running.
  3. I'd hope this preseason we're working a lot on defending corners, freekicks and long throw-ins as we look so suspect when we try and defend these. This includes the desperare need for a keeper who's good at commanding his area, along with buying outfield players who are big enough to deal with strong/tall opposition.
  4. Not overjoyed by this Hoilett news by any stretch, but like any new signing who puts on a Boro shirt, i'll give him a fair crack before judging him. Hopefully it's only a short term contract to see if he's worth it.
  5. I doubt it. They've got the playoffs to look forward to. We've got a bbq in Devon with Warnocks burgers and sausages.
  6. Legend 👍 What a goal, take a boo son.
  7. Been looking all over the internet for wings volley since we went 1 nil down, still no joy. Anyone seen it?
  8. It's as though this is our gameplan every week
  9. Our defence is all over the place so far, out of position constantly.
  10. Out of the teams above us, we only have a better passing % accuracy than Barnsley. We need players who can actually pass a ball, and i'd hope we are looking at improving our midfield 3, as I feel we lack real quality in these positions. Hopefully Mcnair will get more time in these positions next season, as he isn't a CB i'm overly confident in.
  11. I hope Wolves haven't witnessed Bolasie's IG story of Djed attempting to take on Kebano 😭
  12. Yeah i agree Fry is a big miss in that department, but i'd still like another 1 or 2 with added height to cope with others
  13. Coulson's really impressed me so far. He seems to be playing right, left, center and Rory Delap!
  14. We're just too small to defend corners, we need some height next season or we'll struggle again. Great save by Archer, I think Bolasie keeps the guy who scores onside? Great response though, hopefully we can grab the next one too 🙌
  15. Luton commentators are annoying me already with their bias
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