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  1. Is Bolasie still available? Is he just holding out for the best offer from anywhere?
  2. Exactly, he’s done nothing wrong for the fans to dislike him (unlike recent others) but it just hasn’t worked out and we appear to have overpaid, which again isn’t his fault.
  3. Exactly ... what’s your favourite biscuit instead??
  4. Explains why they’ve gone into administration though
  5. Hate to say it but that name was mentioned by the poster a couple of days ago that was getting slated and blocked. (As far as I can remember).
  6. Classic big lad little lad front 2 with Dion Dublin and Dominic Littlewood 👍
  7. I really hope he likes watching Homes Under The Hammer and Don’t Get Done Get Dom on BBC1 because the lad won’t be training with a football team with demands like that 😬.
  8. A couple of weeks ago on TalkSPORT Andros Townsend said he’d had a couple of offers from abroad (including a Turkish Champions League team) but he’s waiting to see if the new Palace manager wants him or if another Prem team offers him something because he still thinks he’s at that level. Not linking him with us, just adding to the discussion about free transfers.
  9. You could never have a cross that was too high or long with that lad.
  10. Does Garry Monk also work for Watford 😅
  11. Right that’s me done, 🤞 I wake up to news of at least 1 more signing.
  12. Must be something close if the official site posts tick tock.
  13. I think Warnock see’s Spence as more of a winger that can cover as full back if needed, sadly I just don’t think he’s up to it concentration and positional-wise at the moment. A new RB gives us cover at RB but also CB as Dijksteel can move inside.
  14. What’s wrong with that, we’ve all got that 1 male friend that loves a grab and fiddle when out with the boys or on the pitch ... that might be me in my group 😏.
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