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  1. I think this window shows how big an impact Britt and Fletcher were having on our FFP calcs when you take the amortisation of their signings and wages into account. Warnock may have had his hands tied last summer.
  2. Makes me think of Ziege (from AC Milan), sign him up. (I’m remembering the good bits of Ziege, not the snakey bits)
  3. I hate the layout of their forum, much prefer this one 👍 UTFB
  4. https://www.skysports.com/share/12373693 Is this the ‘shock’ signing 🤔???!!!!!!!
  5. Don’t worry mate, we’ve all been there. Say hi to Big Roger the security guard for me 👋.
  6. Hopefully it is sorted by tonight either way because I’m getting bored of it and we’ll really need to turn out attentions elsewhere if this isn’t going to happen.
  7. Ref Muniz, we must have been told positive things from his agent about him willing to come to Boro if we’re still pushing for him. If he’d rather go to Fulham / London then there’s not much point continuing in the pursuit if both our’s and Fulham’s offers are both accepted.
  8. 6 foot 1, dodgy knee, can barely kick a ball and chances of me being able to find the target is almost zero. We’ve paid a fortune for a lot worse in the past. If they still make Mido-sized shirts then I can’t see any reason why not.
  9. Might be me, I’ve been ignoring ‘unknown numbers’ on my phone for days now and my wife regularly calls me worthless. Just putting 2 & 2 together, my value can’t get any lower as it stands.
  10. I’m surprised we’ve not heard any more about the out of contract LB from Sheff Utd. If we’re interested then I’d have thought he’d want his future sorted quickly and to get up to speed. (same goes with Bolasie as well really)
  11. Is Bolasie still available? Is he just holding out for the best offer from anywhere?
  12. Exactly, he’s done nothing wrong for the fans to dislike him (unlike recent others) but it just hasn’t worked out and we appear to have overpaid, which again isn’t his fault.
  13. Exactly ... what’s your favourite biscuit instead??
  14. Explains why they’ve gone into administration though
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