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  1. After yesterday I'm much more positive that we can reach the playoffs. But for me the question is which of the current top six teams will lose their spot? At the moment Bournemouth have a very bad form but I can't see us finishing above any of the other teams (Watford maybe?). On the other hand the two teams behind us both have a game in hand. SO even if Bounremouth drop out of the top six there are other teams than us that could fill this spot. What do you guys thin were we end up?
  2. do players get drug tested during a medical? asking for a friend
  3. That's really sad. I think for the forseeable future we can't really buy top-level proven championship players. So we have to rely on international and young unproven players. I was a little bit worried last season when our new signing like Bola, Dijkstell and Browne did not deliever. I'm much more positive about the future this season, I think we have a solid squad now. If we do some smart transfers next season can be great.
  4. why do most English clubs not sign more international players? I mean Huddersfield and Norwich showed that it is possible to reach promotion with a bunch of german second league players. It is probably more complicated now after brexit. But signing Kuhlwetter from Heidenheim or Dursun from Darmstadt seems a lot cheaper than buying other CS players. Also we probably can pay them higher wages than what they are currently getting.
  5. Tomas Mejias joined a Turkish second league club. (source: https://www.fotomac.com.tr/birincilig/2021/01/15/ankaraspordan-4-transfer-real-madrid)
  6. If I got google translate right, Tomas Mejias cancelled his loan at Dinamo and also terminated his contact with Boro to join another English club. (source: https://www.gsp.ro/fotbal/liga-1/dinamo-tomas-mejias-si-a-gasit-echipa-in-anglia-620816.html= Does anyone have further information on this?
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