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  1. https://globalsportsarchive.com/team/field_hockey/rot-weiss-koln/36652/
  2. Actually yes, but unfortunately they are for hockey and he is coaching the U-21 field hockey team for Rot-Weiss Köln.
  3. That's the one 👍They were session musicians for Labi in the 70s. When Chas first heard the Eminem sample he couldn't believe his luck. They were both due royalties.
  4. I've just learnt that the distinctive guitar riff on Eminem's ''My Name Is" was played by......Chas & Dave.
  5. Is a breaded man similar to a breaded haddock?
  6. What is Terry Venables up to these days? He might be up for an 8 month stint.
  7. Was it the linesman? Or was it a young lad with a flag in his hand?
  8. It's not really the same as the Sunderland situation. It feels more like the Karanka relegation season to me.
  9. I meant if our long term manager might not be available for whatever reason. If he was available then he should already be here. Or maybe we have no idea who the next manager is yet.
  10. If Warnock goes we probably need a short-term appointment until the long term manager is in. That used to be Harold Shepherdson's job, who would do it now? Terry Venables?
  11. I'm impressed. You must have LOADS of money. And you've played at ELITE courses in the UAE. Well worth mentioning in a football thread.
  12. Phil Stamp was involved in one of the best ever Boro team goals - Juninho's at Old Trafford in 96/97.
  13. More to do with his size than his speed I would think.
  14. I think nicknames as a term of endearment are better. e.g. Mogga, Pally, Rippers, Hammy (twice), Coops (maybe twice), Fatty, Spike, Robbo (twice), TC (twice), The Project, The Guvnor (self-appointed), Gazza, Rav, Higgy, Beast, Duckweed.
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