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  1. Honestly I've tried but I am cloose to loosing the plot.
  2. I've tried to turn a blind eye Rob, but you're doing it too often and enough is enough.....it's LOSE not LOOSE. 👍
  3. I agree. But that wasn't your rule of thumb. Which was don't buy a player after their best goalscoring season. Also players consistently scoring 20 goals for several seasons would either be too old or too expensive. I can't even think of any tbh. Jordan Rhodes?
  4. So you'd rather buy them after they have a crap season and before they have a good one?
  5. Playing the long game I see. Feeding the opposition Parmo / Chips / Fudge Cake 3 times a week for a couple of months before we play them should do the trick.
  6. No limit on how many players we can loan, but we can't include more than 5 in a matchday squad. I think.
  7. Fair enough. I thought it was a bit of a dig that we should have been looking at Choudhury. Still seems a bit odd to assume that we aren't already looking at similar players.
  8. We did look at Choudhury. He didn't want to come here. So we looked again. And he still didn't want to come here. He went to Watford so we stopped looking at him.
  9. Interpretation of xg is one thing. But to ignore the fact that Fry has played 80% of our games over the last 4 seasons because you feel like he is always injured is another thing altogether. A daft thing.
  10. Why on earth is that happier news? Ignoring the pettiness which is probably behind your sentiment, surely him not playing will cost us money by not achieving the add-ons?
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