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  1. Different animal with the energy of Tav and Roberts in the team. Friend was different class. UTB
  2. And therein lies the point... We’re in book balancing mode for the foreseeable. Mowbray v2.0. Yes, a better/more experienced manager could get us higher up the table, but not top two or winning the playoffs with our unbalanced squad. Hopefully by the summer this ‘clear out’ project will nearly be done and we can look forward to rebuilding. Soon we’ll be able to attract a talented manager by offering a decent transfer budget. In the meantime it’s going to be rough.
  3. Ravelinho has arrived. Reckon he’ll do alright for us like.
  4. Thanks for the info as always. To me this feels like a classic Boro ‘we tried, but couldn’t get it over the line’ deal. Sounds like too little too late... but hoping for the best.
  5. Leeds’ link to Britt just had to be agent talk and never serious...
  6. Let’s remember this is MFC recruitment... we’re nailed on to sign another CM to play CB 😆
  7. I feel Dyche has too much ego to let Gibson go without us paying through the nose for him. For me the only way this gets over the line is if it’s a Steve Gibson special - an ‘undisclosed fee’ that he’s magicked up from somewhere on the last day of the window after Ben Gibson refuses every other option. Should go to the wire this one!
  8. I had to sit with the Pompey fans at Fratton Park and my ‘mate’ lifted up my hoodie to reveal the Boro shirt underneath. Had to make a quick exit 😄
  9. On my way to sing my heart out for the lads. Pie and pint report to follow. UTFB
  10. Would anyone be kind enough to list the targets we didn't quite get over the line for one reason or another? Would be really interested to see it. Maybe we'll go back in for some in January.
  11. I’m guessing the plan is to get our width from the full backs Liverpool style, so I’m not expecting us to target wingers as a priority this window.
  12. I actually think we'd have been 15-18 points worse off without Randolph last year. He saved us, literally, so many times. Mejias is fine for a backup, but he's not good enough to be our No 1. The opposition just target and bully him as he can't catch or punch crosses.
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