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  1. Are there any details on options to buy for the two loans announced today?
  2. I think he’ll play there too as he’s not a Warnock #9. Also the Boro PR statement references the fact he’s played as a winger previously. Maybe he’s been signed in reaction to Ameobi’s injury. It’s a bit of a long shot but good luck to the lad. I’m sure he’s absolutely buzzing to sign for us and will give it everything.
  3. Clearly an all out attack play-off place chasing 2-3-1-4?
  4. Would you keep the same line-up from Saturday? Yep. A knackered Fletch is better than a fresh Britt/Chuba. Jonathan Woodgate has inexplicably been given the Bournemouth job until the end of the season. What is your most memorable moment from his disastrous tenure at Boro? Agent Woodie taking out a top 6 rival 🥳 Best moment was "MFC can confirm that head coach Jonathan Woodgate has been relieved of his duties". You are George Saville’s lawyer. He is facing murder charges over the death of Neil Bausor. You must assemble a crack legal team to defend him in court. However
  5. Buzzing with all the latest ins and outs - the two new wingers have three Championship promotions between them! There’s a chance he’ll be forever Sir Neil Warnock to us after leading us to play off promotion glory. At least that is my hope. And hope is not something that’s come to mind with Boro for a very long time. UTB.
  6. Good point. I think Gibson will find the money to back Warnock with 1-2 signings in Jan if we’re in with a shout of the autos
  7. What is this feeling? Anticipation, hope, joy In Warnock we trust
  8. I’m not getting too disheartened tonight. Warnock doesn’t want to win this. He’s clearly not up for this one. He can’t even be by the side of the pitch. He’s also demonstrating how few options we have to Gibson and Bausor. Maybe they’re not moving enough on Warnock’s targets and he’s making a point. Putting Coulson RWB smacks of ‘well, I gave him a chance...’. That is the most disappointing thing about this match for me. We’ll be much better at 3:00pm Saturday I promise (hope) 😅
  9. I wonder if he’ll try his favourite 433 formation, with Bola left back and Coulson further up the pitch. With this condensed season and our light squad, I don’t think Warnock particularly fancies an EFL cup run. I don’t think he fancies Coulson anywhere near the defence either. Think this will be a pre-season style match where he’ll try and find out more about our fringe players while the window is still open.
  10. Was just listening in to the chat between Gibson, Bausor and Warnock in the bar at Rockliffe Hall. Warnock is getting a one year contract. Woodie is going to be assistant, doing all the oranges at half time. Anyone with transfer value is going to have their contracts run down. Anyone who has no value will have their contracts extended, if they are good lads about it. The plan next year is to sue every other club in the league for FFP infringements and get promoted with 30 points. All away wins. Other than that, Bausor is looking forward to his happy meal on the way home.
  11. Warnock's Wonder Winger Wing wins against Wednesday on Wednesday
  12. Different animal with the energy of Tav and Roberts in the team. Friend was different class. UTB
  13. Quite like the look of the line up. Worth a try. 3-2 Boro.
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