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  1. Was just listening in to the chat between Gibson, Bausor and Warnock in the bar at Rockliffe Hall.

    Warnock is getting a one year contract. Woodie is going to be assistant, doing all the oranges at half time.

    Anyone with transfer value is going to have their contracts run down. Anyone who has no value will have their contracts extended, if they are good lads about it.

    The plan next year is to sue every other club in the league for FFP infringements and get promoted with 30 points. All away wins.

    Other than that, Bausor is looking forward to his happy meal on the way home.

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  2. 23 minutes ago, DevKWat said:

    Can’t even imagine how much stick any other Boro manager would’ve got had we been in the same position. 

    And therein lies the point...

    We’re in book balancing mode for the foreseeable. Mowbray v2.0.

    Yes, a better/more experienced manager could get us higher up the table, but not top two or winning the playoffs with our unbalanced squad.

    Hopefully by the summer this ‘clear out’ project will nearly be done and we can look forward to rebuilding.

    Soon we’ll be able to attract a talented manager by offering a decent transfer budget.

    In the meantime it’s going to be rough.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Smoggydownsouth said:

    New offer for Gibson going in shortly... loan to buy.. boro offering to cover more wages... less loan fee.

    Benkovic also still keen... leicester need 1 in before anything moves there..

    Laurent from Shrews being looked at. Would be a buy.

    That's all I have folks.

    Thanks for the info as always.

    To me this feels like a classic Boro ‘we tried, but couldn’t get it over the line’ deal.

    Sounds like too little too late... but hoping for the best.

  4. I feel Dyche has too much ego to let Gibson go without us paying through the nose for him.

    For me the only way this gets over the line is if it’s a Steve Gibson special - an ‘undisclosed fee’ that he’s magicked up from somewhere on the last day of the window after Ben Gibson refuses every other option.

    Should go to the wire this one! 


  5. 10 hours ago, Changing Times said:

    On a more serious note, if Randolph did end up being sold, would people be comfortable with Mejias as first choice for the coming season?  I think he was first choice in Cyprus so he is coming off the back of regular football.  Just a hypothetical question, no reason to think it will be the case of course.

    I actually think we'd have been 15-18 points worse off without Randolph last year. He saved us, literally, so many times.

    Mejias is fine for a backup, but he's not good enough to be our No 1. The opposition just target and bully him as he can't catch or punch crosses.

  6. If 433 turns out to be Woodie's preference, it feels like we're a few players off a decent team:

    ------------------ Randolph ------------------
    -- ??????? --- Ayala ---- Fry --- ??????? --
    ------ Howson --- McNair --- Wing -------
    --- ???????  ----------------- Tavenier  ---
    ------------------ Fletcher--------------------

    I'd sell Britt to fund the players we need to pull off whatever Woodie's vision is.

    Ayala/Flint aren't amazing, but should be good enough at this level to partner Fry.

    Keane isn't going to allow any 'miserable so-and-sos' so I can't see Braithwaite featuring. I'd rather develop Tav in that position.

  7. Woodie is saying all the right things; promoting youth, attacking football, honesty with transfer budgets. All the things we've been asking for.

    There's a clear lack of experience in the appointments, but what the hell, we'll be giving it a go and come the first match of the season the Riverside will have a buzz about it again.


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  8. Just have a feeling Jokanovic will come off and be announced on Monday June 3rd.

    He got Watford and Fulham promoted, so why not us!

    Woody as #2, giving him a few more attempts to pass his badges ?

  9. Can we all spare a thought for Roary the Lion who would be on the dole


    Really? Would our club mascot need to become a can of tangy refreshing beverage for contractural reasons?


    All the Red Bull clubs have red bull as a mascot and all the club logos feature the two red bulls.


    I’d like their investment and strategy but I don’t think I could stomach a logo change.

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