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  1. We're not a great footballing side, so why not just try starting with big Rudy and create havoc. ------------------ Randolph ------------------ -- Christie -- Ayala --- Gibson -- Friend --- --------- Clayton ------ Howson --------- -- Downing ------------------ Braithwaite -- ------- Assombalonga -- Gestede -------
  2. Nice one Beardy - hope the run continues! ------------------ Randolph ------------------ --- Fabio -- Ayala --- Gibson -- Friend --- --------- Leadbitter ------ Howson --------- - Downing -- Braithwaite -- Tavernier - -------------- Assombalonga --------------
  3. Wouldn't begrudge him it tbh hes done well last season even if it was for the mackems. I hope he gets to Wembley before Saturday, even we weren't that late
  4. For the first time we're seeing real consensus on the formation and starting XI. Marvellous. ------------------ Randolph ------------------ -- Christie -- Ayala --- Gibson -- Friend -- --------- Leadbitter ------ Howson --------- -- Downing -- Braithwaite -- ??????? -- -------------- Assombalonga -------------- Aside from the Fabio vs Friend debate, the 4th attacking option is really interesting. Interested in everyone's thoughts in the selection and positions (and thoughts on being 'fluid'). Contenders (in current Monkish order): Tavernier Fletcher Traoré Baker Johnson Forshaw Bamford What's everyone's opinions for this spot against Hull and longer term? For me, Braithwaite has to play through the middle. He can link up play and get goals. Priceless. Downing has to stay on right (can't believe I'm typing that but well done Stewie). His set pieces, with Ayala on the pitch at last gives us something extra too. Naturally left sided players Tavernier/Johnson can do a job, but hardly get us out of our seats at the moment. Fletcher, if only he could turn into Rashford on that left side... Traoré, I'm so against him playing through the middle - he doesn't know where he's going at the best of times and can't see him ever getting a defence splitting assist from the centre in his entire career. He played one half against Man Utd on the left and looked totally lost. Baker - not convinced. A good sub when there's more space in the second half. Forshaw? No, only bring him on when we're winning to solidify the team. Bamford, such a fan - he could easily score 15-20 in this team even from the left. Would love to see him get a go. Other than that - a new signing? I'd actually rather us sort this out with who we have - as we have plenty! And a challenge - can anyone find a way to get big Rudy in the team as well!
  5. I agree with your changes MBP, but at this stage It's not just about formation or line ups - there seems to be zero coaching happening. Before Karanka arrived, we were making a lot of mistakes. Karanka turned the same team into a unit and made players like Ayala look top class. Karanka has his limitations, but he got the basics right. Under Monk we are lost.
  6. Well said Sir. I've similar thoughts. My favourite managerial combo in many a year was Karanka and Hignett - the forwards seemed to play with more joy when Higgy was around. Not that the pair of them got on, mind! This does feel like Mowbray #2 at the moment - lack of cohesion, formation tinkering and too many mistakes. Though Monk has WAY better players than Mowbray ever did. This is the best squad we've had in a long time. It's getting to the point where even a win won't satisfy us lot, we're going to need to play well and get results in 5+ games in a row - starting Saturday. It won't be easy against a well drilled Warnock side. We could get found out again very quickly if we don't prepare properly. Is anyone predicting a win? It pains me to say it, but 1-1 draw for me.
  7. We got dragged all over the place for the second goal. Ayala was at RB clayton and leadbitter got dragged over to the rh side leaving their midfielder to run into the box unmarked. The ball in was really awkward for the keeper (it was deflected off Ayala causing it to loop up and down). If Randolph have come or stayed he was in trouble either way. The key issue for that goal, and I hope it's been identified by management, is that when Ayala was dragged out of position, we should have protected the central area much better. Clayton tucked in (something Howson wouldn't have done as well) but Fabio is ineffective at covering in those situations. Friend is much better at this. Had he been on the pitch he would have gotten something on that ball, whereas Fabio was nowhere near. It's not something that would get reported, but the amount of times Friend gets his head (or something) on the ball in a scramble is a huge asset. Plus, as it's been mentioned, Fabio keeps pulling up with cramp and playing on regardless. I hope someone is looking at his diet/fluid intake because that's not right. I'd give Friend and Ayala a good run for as long as possible. I like Fry, but Ayala has a magnet in his head. Fry can learn a lot from Ayala and there's no urgent need to rush him into the team. Downing played well - maybe he likes playing on the right? He did that a lot when he was at Villa, swapping wings with Young on the other side. ------------------ Randolph ------------------ -- Christie -- Ayala --- Gibson -- Friend -- --------- Clayton ------ Leadbitter --------- -- Downing -- Braithwaite -- Bamford -- -------------- Assombalonga -------------- I'd like to see this, with Downing/Bamford rotating around Braithwaite (who is looking a great player), but pretty sure Fletcher will get the nod over Bamford, which is ok by me. Fletcher seems to be getting a bit more confidence, his touch seems to be improving game by game.
  8. Stupid line up and stupid start - again. Play badly and lose today and they'll be real questions over the manager.
  9. So basically like CSGO does it major system?! 16 teams a major, 8 make it out of groups & auto qualify for next major, 8 that don't go into the main qualifier, everyone else has to enter the "minors" or the qualifiers for the qualifier for the major. Had to Google CSGO, but yeah, computer gaming has it right!
  10. World Cup every two years, more inclusive with more teams. Scrap all the other international tournaments. Does anyone really care who the best team in Europe is? Let's be honest, the Euros are just a pants world cup. Scrap qualifying. Replace it with a qualifying event in the summer before the World Cup. If you're pants in the previous World Cup, you have to go through qualifying. If you get out of the groups, you automatically qualify for the next World Cup. Joke teams like San Marino have to pre-qualify against all the other dross, to even get into qualifying. No more rubbish international football. Much more entertaining and inclusive World Cups. No more disruption to the domestic season. I faxed this to FIFA but it was 14 seconds too late.
  11. But before he arrived they claimed he had no plan B. Is it possible to tinker and have no plan B Pretty much what I thought. 'No Plan B' does kind of imply there is a Plan A and he sticks at it. That's precisely what we used to say about Aitor. So which is it? Yes, not mutually exclusive to both have a Plan A and be able to 'tinker' with a Plan B! Plan A is the best 11 in their best formation. Plan B is when Plan A isn't working for whatever reason against the opposition (i.e. switch to three at the back or add more protection in midfield or go two up top or throw on big Rudy). I'd have hoped we'd have a plan A by now. We haven't seem to get any continuation between performance to performance. I still think it will come. Braithwaite coming back is like the season starting again, so we have some ground to make up.
  12. Leeds friend of mine called Monk a 'tinkerman'. Even when they were winning last year, he still tinkered. So, we can look forward to that.
  13. if anyone has a VPN and looking for the iFollow link, I just reverse engineered the URL (they never seem to publish it anywhere!) https://www.brentfordfc.com/fixtures/first-team/201718/september/middlesbrough-vs-brentford-on-30-sep-17/ It follows the format: https://[DOMAIN]/fixtures/first-team/[sEASON]/[MONTH]/[HOME-TEAM]-vs-[AWAY-TEAM]-on-[DAY]-[MON]-[YEAR]/
  14. BELTING TEAM SELECTION! So much attacking by threat and for the first time this season it's BALANCED - two wingers, a #10 and a #9. 4-0 UTFB!
  15. I'd like to see Leadbitter back in to keep the troops motivated. With Braithwaite getting in the box, our wide players could be more effective. Give Friend a run, because surely at some point he's got to remember how to play. ------------------ Randolph ------------------ -- Christie -- Fry ---- Gibson -- Friend -- --------- Clayton ------ Leadbitter --------- -- Traore ----- Braithwaite ----- Johnson -- -------------- Assombalonga -------------- But I think we'll see this: ------------------ Randolph ------------------ -- Christie -- Fry ---- Gibson -- Fabio -- --------- Clayton ------ Howson --------- -- Traore -------- Baker ----- Braithwaite -- -------------- Assombalonga -------------- Either way, we should have enough for a fairly comfortable, but not spectacular win. 2-0 Boro Briathwaite 37' Assombalonga 65'
  16. Just another point, a positive for me was that Braithwaite looked lively and physical. I think he will make a world of difference to our goal threat. I think at the moment we're too easy to defend against. Norwich defended deep, stopping Britt getting in behind. They doubled up on Adama. If you do that we've not got much threat. Well done to them for figuring that out.
  17. Can we all just remember that Norwich have a very good defence. They have gone seven hours and 48 minutes without conceding in the league. They set up to shut us out, fair play to them. If we cut out the mistakes and become more clinical in front of goal, we'll be laughing. A settled team/tactics will help with that, which will happen over time. There are 36 matches to go and 108 points still to play for - there's a long way to go yet.
  18. It was pretty confusing to find, it was in the match centre. Hopefully this works for you: https://www.canaries.co.uk/Matches/Fixtures/first-team/201718/september/middlesbrough-vs-norwich-city-on-26-sep-17/ Thanks Brunners. Annoyingly, I'm just getting 'Listen Live' on that page even though I'm signed in and can see the purchase. I guess it just said 'Watch Live' somewhere on that page for you? Tried a different browser and finally in!
  19. It was pretty confusing to find, it was in the match centre. Hopefully this works for you: https://www.canaries.co.uk/Matches/Fixtures/first-team/201718/september/middlesbrough-vs-norwich-city-on-26-sep-17/ Thanks Brunners. Annoyingly, I'm just getting 'Listen Live' on that page even though I'm signed in and can see the purchase. I guess it just said 'Watch Live' somewhere on that page for you?
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