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  1. Disgusting 5-4-1 and abysmal use of the squad.
  2. New low for Pulis today, reverting to type and throwing the game away. We just have to write this season off now. Even if we make the playoffs, we’ll be dire. If by some miracle we get promoted, we’ll be dire for another season and then relegated. New direction from the club is needed urgently. Not that it will happen, but I actually think if we made a managerial change now (an uplifting Solskjark type appointment), we would have a good chance at the playoffs.
  3. A good summary of the obstanant baffoon currently in charge! 14 more games left with Pulis...
  4. Nice one SD. Predicting a 2-0 Boro win. Fletcher in the first half and Hugill from the bench in the second. UTB.
  5. Predicting a 1-0 unconvincing Boro win against a lacklustre QPR. Excitement!
  6. Prediction: Blackburn to win 3-0 and Mowbray to be our manager next year!
  7. Let's get Britt on, plenty of room for him to make runs in behind that Leeds defence
  8. I see Brunners has enlightened you how to view the game Paul :cheese: Great teamwork from the OneBoro massive
  9. Fantastically clever finish by Wing - he was so composed. He took out two defenders and the keeper with a disguised finish to the left hand corner after smart cross by Friend. UTFB.
  10. Thanks for your help Brunners P.S. You're PM inbox is full!
  11. Brunners, sent you a PM if you don’t mind taking a look!
  12. Loving two up top! COME ON BORO Let’s do em 4-0 then keep this formation for dirty Leeds UTB
  13. He's turning into a statue on the pitch anyway
  14. Pulis and his ego are returning to his home town. He'll sod the 1:00pm kick off with Leeds on Saturday and will put the strongest team he can out. Possibly only 1-2 changes in midfield with Howson and Clayton coming in.
  15. I suggested this the other day, that Downing could do an ok LB .. He is as defensive as one anyway. He played there quite a bit for Liverpool so he has experience at it too. I think Downing would be an awful full back defensively. He doesn’t put his head on the line or make blocks - he stays out of trouble as much as he can.
  16. Typical Boro, in the good way! Unbelievable result. We’ve got enough defensive prowess and midfield engines to play two up top every match surely... Unlikely to happen, but enjoying this win. UTB!
  17. It's going to be a rough few months everyone, but we will soon see the back of Pulis. It will be all over in May, when we can look forward to a new manager being installed and HOPEFULLY a change in direction by the club. Personally I'd like to see Hignett and Cooper manage us for the rest of the season. When Higgy was here under Karanka, we scored a lot more goals. Plus it would just be fun. I'd rather we'd enjoy the next few months and miss out on the play-offs, than creep into them and lose both legs of the semi-final with zero shots on target and zero goals. UTB.
  18. Not expecting anyone in today, other than an obscure defender on loan that we'll be Googling. Adama Traore and Yannick Bolasie... can't see either happening. Feels like classic Boro transfer window 'PR'. Traore: They just broke their transfer record to sign him off us. Can't see them loaning back 6 months later. Bolasie: Wages too high in the summer. Maybe a 5-6 month loan is more affordable, but I think we'd have tied this up by now if it was going to happen. Expectations at an all time low. 'Success' for me would not adding any more defensive centre midfielders.
  19. Pains me to say it, but we won’t stop them scoring and we’re not very capable of scoring ourselves. 3-0 West Brom.
  20. Just a thought, but if the site was cloned to a staging server, then the database upgrade/ch***t encoding updates could be applied and the fall out could be assessed without affecting the live site. I'm sure Rob has already thought of that and it's still a fair bit of work! I just really want to see what CT can do with unlimited emojis.
  21. VLP left Traore right Maja through the middle Backed up by Mikel plus two from our CM selection box Sounds good to me. We can dream.
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