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  1. In a funny way this will suit us, nothing to do but go for it. Hoping for a similar turnaround in performance like at Cardiff
  2. Have to go for it: Jutkiewicz on for Smallwood
  3. What minute of the match does an emergency loan become an emergency sub? Would rather 45mins than 70mins!
  4. Craig Hignett just tweeted me, he's going to tell us all how to pronounce it on Sat. "listen on Saturday and learn ! #offtopractice ;)" Good old Higgy - it's his birthday too!
  5. I think it's pronounced "The Juke"!
  6. P.S. Would just like to formally introduce myself! I was a season ticket holder at Ayresome Park/The Riverside for many years, before moving and now find myself following The Boro more fanatically than ever. Exciting times to be a Boro fan and it has been great to find this forum to meet other Smoggies of a similar persuasion.
  7. The news this badger has been waiting for! Very excited about the prospect of The Juke finally in a Boro shirt. Given that Mogga hinted at starting with two holding players we could be seeing a line up like this before too long: I can't wait - Jutkiewicz would give us that extra dimension in attack we've been crying out for and will (at least in this badger's eyes) help fire us on to automatic promotion. Up the Boro!
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