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  1. That would kind of indicate that he is better than Gestede. But kind of agree that we don't need two of those kinds if that's what you are emplying. That might be the idea... Gestede as back-up for Vokes. No place for Britt or Bamford. It's the Pulis way.
  2. Bryan from Bristol is interesting... but he’s only 5ft 7!
  3. Good on Maddo, but I can see this ending badly as he mistakenly divulges confidential information on the radio and gets sacked from both roles
  4. Brilliant news, hope we go back in for him. This one sounds promising. Why are they selling all their best players?
  5. Thanks but no thanks to Ritchie. He's a good player, but we really need a LW. Do our scouting department know the difference between a LW and a left footed RW?
  6. My top five priorities would be: #1 LW #2 LW #3 LW #4 LW #5 LW Someone made a great point earlier, that a quality LW is going to help Friend. Have a rep point whoever you are.
  7. Was it a dream or is this Flint deal really happening?! £6M? Are all the other clubs asleep on the beach? The man is a mountain and scored 16 goals in 2014–15 :funny:
  8. £5M for Flint is a bargain. Even with +£2M for promotion it’s a crazy bargain. If it’s all true, great bit of business from Boro.
  9. But in dealing with the same club, if we're selling them a striker who is better than the one we bought, we would surely expect them to pay more, would we not? Forest are also probably going to overspend this summer, they're going to have to to catch up with the rest of the teams challenging at the top. There are a lot of things to consider when selling a player and for me, us buying Britt off them last season meant less to them than us selling Bamford to them does to us. They weren't challengers last season, this season they potentially are. I also disagree that Karanka thinks he's an inside forward. He played there to begin with to fit into the team with Kike/Vossen and Tomlin and he ended up moving up front with Tomlin, Vossen and Adomah behind him when AK realised he was better placed up top. When he came back, Negredo was the main man up top and Bamford had no claim to that place in the team what with being unfit and unproven at this level. I was just about to post the same thing. The Britt deal won’t affect Forest’s valuation of Bamford though - they’re not going to pay over the odds just because we did with Britt. They’ll just buy someone else. Karanka has gone out of his way to say: “I don’t think Patrick is a striker to play alone, for me he’s one who can play alongside another or on the wing” I don’t see Karanka playing two strikers or Bamford being happy on the wing. For those reasons, I don’t see Bamford to Forest happening.
  10. Bamford to Forest makes no sense to me. Bamford wants to play striker and Karanka thinks of him as an inside right forward. I think we have also have to forget Bamford £14M vs Britt £15M. We paid too much for Britt, that doesn’t mean Bamford is worth more. Personally I wouldn’t mind selling Bamford if it meant brining in a quality pacey left winger. Opposition defences wouldn’t be able to stop a threat on both flanks.
  11. I just want to keep Traore and sign a quality left winger. That's it. The rest of the team we can fiddle through with whoever, I don't care. It doesn't matter. We'll be awesome to watch and we'll have enough for top 2. Make it happen MFC.
  12. Awesome reading - really helps put all the performances in perspective. Thanks BU
  13. Site pretty unusable for me on mobile at the moment thanks to redirecting ads
  14. Just one’s enough for extra time. Or 1-2 fine too. No away goals...
  15. We did them in the Zenith Data Syatems in 1990 and we’ll do it again - UTFB!
  16. You have to feel for Gibbo. He was winning plaudits each week in the Prem, on the fringes of the England squad and linked with a big money move. Suddenly he finds himself playing for Monkbot in the Champo in a bang average team. That's quite a drop. His game is based on grit and determination so it makes sense that he raises his game depending on the opponents. He's just cruising this season, but has stepped up a gear since Pulis arrived. I think he's good enough to make in at any elite club, fitting in on the left hand side of a back 3 (i.e. Chelsea). I'm surprised no-one took a chance on him in the summer, even with the price it would have taken to get him.
  17. For Traore's sake, I don't think he should play in the Championship. He's being targeted with bad challenges and will end up with a nasty injury. If we by some miracle do get promoted we should do everything to keep him. He would easily be worth £20-30M playing this well in the Premier League and I think he can make the step up comfortably. Even before his improvement he was already torturing the likes of ***nal. Only Liverpool/Man City have defenders pacey enough to even try and stop him.
  18. As long as we have the following players playing for us, we're going to be quite a slow immobile team that sits back and doesn't do much going forward: Leadbitter (anywhere) Downing (anywhere) Clayton (in a three man midfield) Shotton (at right back)
  19. The one thing we can say that if we expect Boro to lose they might just surprise us...
  20. I have a funny feeling Traore will be on the bench for this one. -------------------- Randolph ------------------ -- Shotton --- Ayala -- Gibson --- Friend -- --------- Besic --- Howson --- Leadbitter --- -- Downing ------------------------ Bamford -- ----------------- Assombalonga ---------------- He looks a bit knackered and Sheff Utd will kick lumps out of him. He can come on if we're chasing a goal, otherwise Tony's happy with a 0-0 here I think. Having said that, I'm predicting a 1-0 Bamford lucky break after 23 minutes and we hold on for the win with 36% possession.
  21. Next announcement will be ***ens making a comeback.
  22. He needs 3-4 clear chances to score from anywhere. Strong and quick, but not deadly!
  23. I think it’s been perfect for some to have a well earned rest to get over some minor injuries. Plus most of the team will have had a good amount of time with Pulis to have his tactics drilled into them. Expecting a good performance under the lights and on TV. A draw is a good result for both sides, so going for 2-2.
  24. Chris Freestone. He’s the next big thing.
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