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  1. But at £4.5m, surely that's a low-risk transfer? ;) Why yes, that's the fee for your average Jo Schmoe midfielder these days (see Adam Forshaw)
  2. It may be closer to £6m once you account for the loan fee etc Besic is absolute quality - he can do everything. I’d rate him as £8M plus so anything less for me would be a bargain.
  3. Some Badger predictions coming true... Which could be good news for the season - as I called play-offs/promotion back in Feb - UTB!
  4. Boro-Unger to take us all the way to Wembley! Same team as Friday with Clayts in for Leadboots. 1-0 Boro. Smart finish by Bamford and we hold on to the win, playing 5-5-0 for the last 20 minutes
  5. The real fallout from the Traore red card, whatever the appeal decision, is that other teams will know how to target him now.
  6. I think we're at home? haha yes of course. Sorry, not much sleep last night with our little badger keeping us awake all night!
  7. I think the occasion will be too much for an out of form Assombalonga. Bamford's movement and touch means he can play that role - he's really earned the right to play there. I'd ask Besic, Leadbitter and Howson to play like animals, the back four to stay solid and hope for a piece of magic from Bamford to steal a 0-1 tight away win. -------------------- Randolph ------------------ -- Shotton --- Ayala -- Gibson --- Friend -- ------------ Besic ---------- Leadbitter --------- -- Downing ----- Howson ------ Harrison -- --------------------- Bamford ---------------------
  8. Burnley yo-yoed, whilst keeping their core philosophy and manager and now look at them. If managed properly, yo-yoing is a great way to build a club's revenue and improve the squad at the same time. Unfortunately we're extremely bad at this. We throw everything out and start again every time. In hindsight, we were lucky to ever get promoted with our approach.
  9. Going to call it now, Bamford to finally get his chance up top and he'll fire us into the play-offs and on into the Premier League -------------------- Randolph ------------------ -- Shotton --- Ayala -- Gibson --- Friend -- ------------- Besic ---------- Howson ----------- -- Traore ------- Downing ------ Harrison -- -------------------- Bamford ----------------------
  10. You'd think we'd see this: -------------------- Randolph ------------------ -- Shotton --- Ayala -- Gibson --- Friend -- ------------- Besic -------- Howson ------------ -- Traore ------- Downing ------ Bamford -- -------------------- Gestede --------------------- But Tony might stroke his chin and go "hmmm it's a local deerrrrrby so I better make sure we really strangle the game" with leggy Leadboots in the team: -------------------- Randolph ------------------ -- Shotton --- Ayala -- Gibson --- Friend -- ------------- Besic -------- Leadbitter --------- -- Traore ------- Downing ------ Bamford -- -------------------- Gestede --------------------- Whereas if it were up to me, I'd say "right, the mackems are absolute pants, let's go there and torture them 4-0": -------------------- Randolph ------------------ -- Shotton --- Ayala -- Gibson --- Friend -- ---------------------- Besic ------------------------ -- Traore ------- Downing ------ Harrison -- ------------ Gestede --- Bamford ------------- Whatever team he puts out, I'm predicting goals from the entire backline from set pieces and we win 4-0. UTB.
  11. The club clearly doesn't care about the rest of this season, so it's hard to muster any enthusiasm for any of the remaining games. Win, lose or draw, what does it matter? We'll be in the Championship next year, with a team playing a flat back four, with three defensive centre midfielders and an isolated striker. This is Tony Mowbray Part II, with Pulis overseeing a massive 6-18 month clear out. And then what? A surge of ill thought out signings to start the whole cycle again. I really do despair. Please Boro, give us some hope this evening. Show us something, anything, to kindle the fires in our Boro hearts and set them ablaze. message do not read>
  12. Me neither. They both seem like nice guys but the main commentator in particular comes across as quite patronising sometimes. Main commentator Mark Drury's vocal intonation is constantly set to "hey, you should be surprised at this", even over the most mundane comments. It's really strange and annoying. Rob Law (guy on the touchline) sounds like a children's TV presenter. I think Maddo's alright like..! Though he doesn't always say what he's thinking in the phone-ins, like he's been briefed to go easy on the players/manager/club.
  13. -------------------- Randolph ------------------ -- Shotton --- Ayala -- Gibson --- Friend -- ---------- Besic --- Howson --- Leadbitter --- -- Traore -------------------------- Downing -- --------------------- Gestede ----------------- I think we’ll score..... 0!
  14. I still remember the level of shame you brought on the school I had my Riverside penalties on VHS but my brother taped over it!
  15. Pulis' man management of Adama has been great, but his man management of our strikers has been atrocious. Everyone knows Assombalonga is not a clinical striker. He needs at least three goal scoring chances to score one goal (though his power and pace means he does get into goal scoring positions more often than the average Championship striker). Everyone knows Gestede's qualities, which do not include the words 'natural goalscorer'. What good does it do when the manager berates our finishing? They're not missing on purpose. It stinks of deflection. Pulis is obsessed with a flat back four and set pieces. He won't commit midfielders forward or consider a second striker. These are things that other teams do that help their forwards. Pulis treated Rondon the same at West Brom, regularly criticising him even though he was completely isolated up front. It deflected from the lack of goals, which is the responsibility of the entire team, not just one player. Just get on with it Tony and make the best out of what you've got, because the way you're currently acting is only destroying confidence. Either that or clone the 2009-2010 Didier Drogba, because that's the only thing that's going to make you happy.
  16. Yes, the mind boggles. The club showed no ambition to strengthen our weakest area in January. At that point it was clear that the club saw this season as a write off, and were content with limping through the remaining fixtures with essentially a player short on the left hand side. One decent acquisition could have made all the difference with regards to making the play-offs.
  17. Pulis on Woodgate: “I see him as a future manager and he’s got all the potential to become a good coach and then a manager"
  18. La Liga isn't as physical as the Premier League or Championship, so that allows Stuani to lead the line for Girona. Pleased for him, but I don't think we missed out on this one.
  19. --------------------------- Randolph --------------------------- -- Shotton --- Ayala -- Gibson --- Friend -- Fleming -- ---------- Besic ----- Leadbitter --- Howson -------------- ------------------- Traore ------- Downing ------------------ Up the Biro
  20. A rare gift from the FA! Big Rudy is now available for Saturday. Hurrah.
  21. We have cleared some deadwood, but it's come at a tremendous financial loss. Thinking of the lack of strategy and fees wasted is painful and makes me sick. What a massive glaring missed opportunity to strengthen what should have been out top priority, the left wing. I just can't stress this enough. Traore, Downing, Bamford and Harrison all favour the right. We have no-one who can play effectively on the left. What the hell is wrong with us. Tavernier was a young Academy prospect that could actually play there, but he's been sent out on loan. Johnson may as well have had his contract paid up and terminated, as I doubt he'll even make the bench. There needs to be an deep root and branch inquest into transfer dealings at the club. This is a systemic failure that needs addressing at the very top of the club's hierarchy.
  22. It's not the worst decision to take now. If he's not part of our plans going forward then he's better off somewhere else, hopefully accruing value. If it means Younousse Sankhare coming in the other direction, I'm all for it. Have you seen Younousse Sankhare play a lot then? What's he like and where does he play? The papers say left side, either wing or left-back, but someone earlier in the threads said they'd looked at his stats and he hasn't played on the left at all. He plays centre midfield from what I've seen of him at Lille/Bordeaux. Strong and a lot more mobile than Leadbitter/Clayton.
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