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  1. Bloody hell, more money wasted. It's like we go out of our way to do it. My take on this is that the mistake was buying in the first place, not what we do with Braithwaite now. He's not a bad player, it was just bad management/planning with our incoherent buying strategy. Hopefully Pulis will kick the club into shape.
  2. Isn’t Karanka supposed to have fallen out with Tomlin? Yes. Tomlin was boasting about Bournemouth being interested so Kranky sent him home with a 'stomach bug' then he left. Being reunited would be interesting if true.
  3. It's not the worst decision to take now. If he's not part of our plans going forward then he's better off somewhere else, hopefully accruing value. If it means Younousse Sankhare coming in the other direction, I'm all for it.
  4. If it's true, I hope it's a success! He's a right footed predominantly left winger, which in my opinion suits us more than the left footed right winger we just acquired.
  5. Sky reporting Fulham will target Cyrus Christie if they lose Ryan Fredericks today...
  6. Me too aside from Britt! Damn. We go again. I like the team, sticking with 2-0. UTB
  7. It's a long shot, but if West Brom do manage to land Andre Schurrle from Dortmund, then surely McClean or Phillips are surplus to requirements... I'd have either here in a heartbeat.
  8. Or perhaps he just doesn't rate him. it happens. id actually be interested to hear ds justification for not rating Clayton if he actually doesn't. DS has been pretty clear and consistent over the years! The 'trusty trio' being slow to move the ball forward from midfield etc
  9. 2-0 Boro (Traore, Howson) -------------------- Randolph ------------------ -- Shotton --- Ayala -- Gibson --- Friend -- ---------- Leadbitter -------- Howson ----------- -- Traore ------- Downing ----- Bamford -- -------------------- Gestede ----------------- My best guess based on: - If there's interest in Clayton, he might be wrapped in cotton wool - There's not much in it, but Bamford might just get the nod over Braithwaite - Gestede just to edge out Assombalonga (with Bamford told to get in the box)
  10. Agreeing with all that gilburtgtr. I think we're one player away from finishing comfortably in the top 6 and having a really good chance in the playoffs. I think the club (manager included) are crazy not to address this. Surely it's got to be worth the relatively small risk with the rewards so massive.
  11. Yep This ^ For me this signing has got MFC 'scouting department' written all over it. I imagine Pulis just hasn't said no. I guess it can't hurt but it's not the answer.
  12. I don't think it's a lack of ambition. Probably more like a lack of options so signing for the sake of signing. It has been done before, just last January. There must be a left winger somewhere in the world! I am officially throwing my toys out of the pram. We need a bloody left winger and we should move heaven and earth to bloody well sign one. I know I'm not the only one fed up of square pegs in round holes - our squad of midfielders/attackers is all over the place!
  13. Sorry to be a party pooper, but this lad aint the answer to anything! We need a left winger, and Harrison plays on the right in a league that's roughly the same quality as League 1 or 2. If this is 'the solution' for our left wing problems, it shows a real lack of ambition by the club.
  14. With a little over 48 hours to go, what's your realistic hopes for incomings/outgoings?
  15. With the left side being such a problem, maybe we should change the system: -------------------- Randolph ------------------ -- Shotton --- Ayala -- Gibson --- Friend -- ------------ Clayton -------- Howson --------- -- Traore ------------------------- Downing -- ----------- Gestede --- Assombalonga ------ Or give Johnson 90 minutes (controversial) but seeing how Pulis has improved Traore so much there could be some hope. Him playing can't be too much worse than Braithwaite/Bamford/Fletcher out there, can it? -------------------- Randolph ------------------ -- Shotton --- Ayala -- Gibson --- Friend -- ---------- Clayton -------- Howson ----------- -- Traore ------- Downing ------ Johnson -- ---------------- Assombalonga ----------------- Hope to see Clayton in the middle being encouraged to playing more expansively (and hopefully Ayala is fit). Also hope Pulis keeps working with Assombalonga in training. I think Gestede is as good as he's going to get, but if Britt works on his all round game he could be a massive asset.
  16. Daily Mail say we're interested in QPR midfielder Jordan Cousins. "The 23 year old has had nightly injuries this season but could be available for around £1m as QPR look to offset financial concerns." He's only 5 ft 10 in though so not sure if this could be right... He has been capped by England at under-16, 17, 18 and 20 levels and can play anywhere in midfield, though usually in the centre.
  17. Clayton you'd think is nailed on to be one of the two new starters, having come off the bench in the last two matches. Looking at Pulis' selections so far, the other could be: Johnson (sub every match, aside from Pulis' first match, two substitute appearances) Fletcher (sub every match, one substitute appearances) Dimi (didn't play in the last cup game) Fry (hasn't made the bench yet) Fabio (hasn't made the bench yet) Baker (hasn't made the bench since 1st Jan) (remember that Christie/Guedioura started against Preston, so it can't be them) So based on previous match day squads, I think it will be Johnson or Fletcher, with one subbing on for the other. Pulis seems keen for it to work out for Johnson. You can see why, he has pace and is left footed and has played left wing back before. He could be a classic Pulis type winger, if he could just find some confidence, some form and a good performance from somewhere. It's a big ask but you never know, look at how Friend/Ayala/Howson/Traore have all improved under TP. Other than that, I think Britt will just get the nod over big Rudy. -------------------- Randolph ------------------ -- Shotton ---- Ayala ---- Gibson ---- Friend -- ------------ Clayton --------- Howson ----------- -- Traore -------- Downing -- Johnson/Fletcher - ------------------ Assombalonga ----------------- Would you rather it be Johnson or Fletcher starting tomorrow? Or do you disagree, and think it will be someone else getting the start?
  18. Today I've read suggestions of Christie right wing and Fabio left wing - what's going on! -------------------- Randolph ------------------ -- Shotton --- Ayala -- Gibson --- Friend -- ---------- Clayton -------- Howson ----------- -- Traore ------- Gestede ----- Downing-- ---------------- Assombalonga ----------------- The seagulls have only scored 17 goals in 24 league matches this year - I say let them attack us, we can soak it up and let Traore fly and have Britt on big Rudy's knockdowns.
  19. I don't think TP will change the back four - maybe he'll give Clayton a run but every time I've said that he's not had a sniff! He might just have another look at Bamford, after that tidy finish at the weekend - then give Fletcher 30 minutes. I think he's seen enough of Braithwaite already to know what he's about.
  20. Fabio won't even play left back for us again, never mind left wing! Hopefully Pulis' comments are just 'posturing' by the club, so we don't get a reputation as 'big spenders' to help keep prices down. The proof is in Tony's team selections, the back four and midfield are settled but he keeps trying different combinations behind the striker. He seems very happy with Downing/Traore, so for sure he's identified that left side as a weak spot. Would love to see a quality loan signing (Lookman) or permanent for that left hand side. Come on Gibbo, surprise us all! You usually do in January. We're one signing away from being real play-off winner contenders. We can always sell in the summer... UTB
  21. Yes, odd all round. When through on goal, Britt was unlucky to hit the bar whereas Big Rudy just kind of fell over the ball. Hope Britt gets a chance now the side has settled a bit.
  22. Not helpful for keeping this place running! I would prefer to pay £x a year to use this site than suffer ads. Quite happy to use a donate button too, as I do with Wikipedia. Good idea... OneBoro Premium!
  23. Britt will get his chance after Rudy's horror show finishing! -------------------- Randolph ------------------ -- Shotton --- Ayala -- Gibson --- Friend -- ---------- Leadbitter ---- Howson ----------- -- Traore ------ Downing ----- Braithwaite -- ---------------- Assombalonga -----------------
  24. He'd be the perfect loan signing, but just writing his name - what does that mean?!
  25. Not helpful for keeping this place running!
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