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  1. ***nal RB Callum Chambers is available for loan and attracting interest from a number of clubs. Think we are one of them????
  2. Bamford is a yes for me and he wouldnt command a place in the starting line up because of his performance last season in the prem. He is however someone who has proved he fits well into our system, he will have good friends here still and that will help him settle well. He is young and british and will offer stiff competition to Rhodes and Nugent. Ramirez is without doubt a must sign. and we should build the team around Him, Friend, Clayton, Ayala and Gibbo. Kalas is a good squad player that can be utilized in other positions. In my Opinion a 1st choice GK is required along with a recogniz
  3. will they bring back Boro Tv is what i want to know
  4. As much that would make it easier for me to buy one out in Abu Dhabi i doubt they would be breaking sales records with the Boro top. Plus if its only buying from club shops surely the club will benefit from this more. Catch 22. I meant can you buy them overseas from the club shop online? I know at one point you couldn't. It would be short sighted by the club not to. There are Boro fans all over the world, granted not as many as the big boys, but it smacks of small club mentality if we don't. Like what would be the downside? Apologies fella, my misunderstanding. In that case as l
  5. Not sure the source of this or how true it is... But a guy that used to work (MANY MOONS AGO) for the media team on BORO TV has been told there may not be too much truth in the James Morrison link and it maybe mistaken for a 12 month loan deal with a view to by for Ravel Morrison. Now i for one am a little unsure due to his previous behavior and to be honest i haven't followed him that much since his move to Lazio. Im only sharing a rumour i have heard!!!
  6. As much that would make it easier for me to buy one out in Abu Dhabi i doubt they would be breaking sales records with the Boro top. Plus if its only buying from club shops surely the club will benefit from this more. Catch 22.
  7. In the light of what Gibbo said in his end of season letter thats on the boro website.... Do you think there is any chance we would be bringing back Lee Cattermole? http://www.mfc.co.uk/news/article/2016/middlesbrough-fc-steve-gibson-premier-league-3112155.aspx
  8. noooooooo way will i be buying this.
  9. I dont think we can consider the prices paid by clubs for players in January as realistic due to panic buys and selling clubs knowing that buying clubs are either buying to beat relegation or to help with a promotion push. i find in the closed season transfer period its more like International tournaments that bump players prices up. Boro always seem to be a club that pays over the odds for players but let our players go for next to nothing. If the likes of Downing,Johnson,Wheater, Morrision and Steale all came from Utd's or Liverpools academy they would of fetched at least another 5M+ ontop o
  10. I like the white shoulder band on a red kit and think a black kit would be pretty smart.
  11. I think we should make sure we are always in the same division as Bournemouth.... The 3rd kits are always better than the away kit.
  12. GET IT! another anti collar fan
  13. hahahaha, sorry buddy. :P
  14. Liverpool at home wast Ham Away
  15. The River plate one, but change the black stripes to white and i think this would be pretty retro and stylish at the same time...... And thankfully no collar.
  16. Good luck in the Playoffs Seagulls
  17. APOLOGIES!!!!!!!! I know many of you will be expecting to see the NEW 2016/17 home and away kits when opening this thread, and im sorry to say that i for one have not even received a whiff or picture of a Knock of from China, yet alone possible designs. So begs the question..... Is anyone in the know? and if so, Please share it with us. PLEASE ..... No 1960's style collars, keep the home kit traditional and do not release a pink away kit.
  18. Required IMO... 1st choice GK 1st choice RB Cover for CB Cover for LB Replace Adomah make Gaston a boro player
  19. Agent BWS..... (our man in Brighton) ..... your mission is to locate this person and shake his hand from me . What a pleasure it is in this age of greed corruption and selfishness to come across such a fair minded . level headed , respectful and all round good egg . its been a true pleasure interminglin with ya mate and what a shame its almost certain that one of our teams will have to run the gauntlet of them pesky playoffs . obviously im rootin for my homies next week but you have my absolute word that if i get my wish in that one .....i will shout your boys on to in your next 3 games.
  20. Il travel from the UAE if there is a ticket available..... I want First dibs.
  21. I have to say this is probably the most original comment on any of the threads i have ever read and coming from an opposing supporter means so much more. i have not got the words to describe how this comment made me feel other than proud. Fair play to you lad, and i wish you all the best. Brighton is a quality club and one that looked out for since Bobby Z' burst onto the scene. Ive never had the pleasure of visiting but strikes me a little like the boro. A club ran from the heart for the fans. the best thing that could happen for me is Burnley Draw there next 2 matches, use beat Derby and
  22. im thinking of opening a 2017/18 Transfer thread. Any Objections :)
  23. I have to say i was not impressed with Richie Da Laet on friday. I thought him been right footed restricted our attacking down the left, or is it just because im so spoilt with expecting him to apply himself like friend. Also.... Stewie D!!!! i for one was over the moon when he returned, but after watching him as much i can - he hasnt excited me as much as i would off liked. i thought he was a moody little Sh!t when he was 1st here and put alo of it down to his age... Now he is touching 30 and still looks like he is going through puberty mood swings. He never looks happy and is always winin
  24. Trekkers 2 glass cases wont look good with only 1 ball pal?
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