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  1. Sorry buddy, i have 2 glass cases waiting for these to fit nicely into for my 2 boys. we dont get to many games as we are out in Abu Dhabi, so this will be a nice little gift for them.
  2. we dont need to only win, we need to win in style. Goals Goals Goals. Brighton are flying at the minute and we will need to have the game of our season and turn them over early doors and hope Burnley draw or get beat on their last day. Failing that it will be on goal difference. lets him Brum for 3 or 4 hopefully burnley only win by 1 and then we get 2 or 3 with Brighton
  3. Clayton has been our Drinkwater this year. Without him we would of lost more points than we have gained.
  4. Would Pearson be the peoples choice? Moyes Rodgers Clemant Sherwood There is some talent warming Sofa's every Saturday. Personally i would like him to stay and see what he could do in the Prem with a little money behind him.
  5. seen as there has been no bids for the 2nd ball, how about 70 for both?
  6. BOOM! happy with that Trekkers. Think 50 GBP of well earned cash is a good starting bid for a great charity.
  7. Is that a bid for ball 1? If so , is that 50 bars of what?! 50 English pounds for for ball number 1.
  8. ---------------Dimi------------- Nsue---Ayala----Gibson---Friend ----Leadbitter---Clayton------- Adomah--Ramirez---Downing ------------Rhodes-------------- Im going for an entertaining 2-2. 2-0 at HT with Ramirez brining it to 2-1 and the Nugent coming off the bench to steal a late point.
  9. is it only me that finds it strange that such awards are given before the end of the season. Ok lets be fair the short list can be released early doors, but from that list there is still alot to fight for that may take the person that currently lies in 2nd place to be crown POTY. Even the team of the year is premature. lets face it, you dont award a man of the match performance at half time.
  10. 1 Middlesbrough 95 2 Burnley 91 3 Brighton 85 4 Derby 85 5 Hull 84 6 Sheffield Wed 80 Our remain games... Burnley 2-2 Draw Ipswich 2-0 Win Birmingham 0-1 Win Brighton 3-1 Win
  11. Huge Boro fan out in Abu Dhabi wanting to know if there is many more off us out here who would like to meet up and enjoy the company of other boro fans. Please let me know, and if there is enough of us we could start meeting for the Boro matches that are televised out here. Kind regards, Cas.
  12. This is great news, more the merrier as they say. il get the details from my wife and post them on the thread.
  13. As always DS appreciate your support.
  14. Good afternoon from the UAE Ladies and Gents. Forgive me for not been as active over the later months of this season, but today im speaking to a Footballing family in hope that a little help and support will help a loving caring Family climb back onto their feet. If you are not already aware, i am living and working out in Abu Dhabi and follow the Boro religiously as the Muslims out here follow Islam. We have met many great friends out here and all the expats become one huge family and always willing to help out as an when required. A friend from within our circle has had a torrid time of recent and is left with a huge medical bill that his employer is only willing to cover 50% of the costs. So as a family we are pulling together as all great families do and helping out in anyway we can. In early 2015 David and his wife found out that they had fallen pregnant with their first child after years of trying. As pregnancies go it was as normal as any other - Until 1 morning David's wife took ill during the night suffering from what she believed to be pregnancy related illness. After spending 24 hours in bed trying to sleep it off she was taken to a local hospital as she had deteriorated pretty badly. On arrival at the hospital she collapsed in the waiting room, whilst 5 months pregnant. The baby was born hours later by emergency C-section and spent the 1st 4 month of her life in ICU and other special treatment wards. The baby is now recovering well and with the hope of God she will pull through all her complications and grow to be a very successful young woman. On the other hand, Davids wife has now been flown back to Ireland were she will undergo some major surgery and tests. She is currently bed bound and unable to communicate. Dr's have told David that she may never fully recover and are unaware of what cause this disastrous event. Which leads me to my question... We are arranging a huge event to raise the remaining amount of the medical bill by auctioning off sport memorabilia. I was hoping that by preparing this thread somebody from the club or within the know may be able to donate out of kindness some items of sporting related memorabilia that can be donated to the event to raise money for this fantastic cause. Any and all help would be massively appreciated. Please help the best you can.
  15. Rousey or Mayweather in open discipline fight, who wins?
  16. James Wilson from UTD has pace, anyone fancy that?
  17. Just a thought, after reading the report on the york game, it says that we are blessed with talent at left back (George and Hubby) would AK not be tempted to play Hubby in the RB position to see how he gets on. could free up cash paid on wages as we are already paying for 2 RB's that will be on the sick for a while.
  18. whats the odds on our next signing being Kalas, i can see him pushing it through sharpish intime for the flight on monday. Any thoughts?
  19. Would anyone take a punt of Ryan Taylor as a squad player, pretty versatile, would fill the hole left by whitehead... he is on a free after leaving the mags too
  20. Correct Adam, 7 have been involved, 1 was told to return to the U21s today, the remaining 6 have been told there 5 spaces depending on what signings, if any, are complete by Monday. I think its safe to say after last pre season Fewster is on the Jet.... but he is not my man.
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