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  1. Hey Curtis, you must be in the know of a few players on the up and coming seen, anyone we should watch out for?
  2. Redcar town on the trunk road on the way to Redcar just near the fire station. He is definitely worth a watch.
  3. Yes mate got released for been to small and has grew a fort and a half since
  4. Powlay - you seem to know your stuff about the up and coming boro future, have you ever came across a guy called Kieran stares, Lewis maloney's mate, he was on boros books when he was a youngster then spent some time at Hartlepool till he was 15, then released. He has recently been selected for England school boys and has been spoken to by ***nal and Leeds who plan on watching him for Redcar next season. He is now 17, 6 foot +,strong, physical build, great 1st touch and can ping a ball. Reads headers like the best of them.
  5. Can anyone shed some light on rumours I'm hearing about boro giving trials to mario balliotelli brother?
  6. Hold on! Vertically challenged, is that how we decide on good and bad players now! I'm sure you think juninho, messi, maradonna, jack Wilkshire, lennon,SWP and tevez I suppose you sit there and say 'oh not them again' when the likes of messi wins world player of the year for the 3rd time in a row. Give the lad a chance he is 16. Typical of a boro fan to slate a lad before he has even begun. What a guy you are.
  7. Yeah most definately, we have seen it in recent weeks. McDonald and jet ski up front with emnes and Robbo wide ad would like to see bailey and Thompson create a strong partnership in the middle, hope Williams stays and would like to see a exciting right back to compliment Bennett on the other side.... Any suggestions?
  8. Here's a name to look out for in the future LEWIS MALONEY. He is 16 and currently on boros books. He is a friend of the family and have played with him a few times, I'm 26, as to see so much talent in a lad that age is amazing. Fingers crossed for him.
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