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  1. So Fewster then no The lads never been involved with the 1st before this week.
  2. Welcome Carl, good to see new people signing up.
  3. Lets just say i have known this U21 most of his life, and normally he is really tight lipped about things like this, but was speaking with him today and he told me what i have told use.... Not sure if i believe it 100% myself or if it is just training ground chatter..... But this lad is off to Marbella with the 1st team on monday and maybe involved at york... He has been training with the 1st since arriving back, but thats just down to the lack of first team players in that position. Again pure speculation, and 1st time i have taken any info from this lad.... hoping its true, and if it is confirmed on Saturday il be buying the lad a beer to keep him sweet for future ;)
  4. couple of interesting names mentioned in this piece that have been linked already with us this season.... http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/chelseas-asmir-begovic-transfer-set-6036396
  5. That's strange. Everyone else seems to think it's the clubs still trying to finalise the payments which is holding everything up. Unless he's going to do a Shay Given on us :D I said exactly that. the only thing i can think is that maybe he isnt happy what the club have offered in how his wages will be paid IE goal/ starting bonus in conjunction with guaranteed wage (this part is my opinion and pure speculation)
  6. Downing expected to be announced on Saturday.... source is from U21 squad.... initial talks have been held.... only thing holding it up is Downing.... Reason unknown.
  7. DOWNSOUTH .... I have a mate that used to work for the BORO on the media side of things, done alot with editing, filming and even a few interviews i believe. He isnt a forum Member but im sure he would be up for this..... let me know, PM me the details
  8. Thinking of keepers, whats the chance of taking Jack Butland on loan for a season?????
  9. Scott Flinders has gone to York this season too, he was linked a few years back..... I would seriously look into buying Simon Eastwood from Rovers, he had 2 amazing games against us last season and then had to sit behind Steele for the rest of the season.
  10. I hear AK is gunna use this game to blood a few youngsters, and then decide who he will be taking to Malaga for pre-season
  11. He didnt exactly do much last season for QPR so i hope not. And to have Barton of all people come out and call him a bad boy then i for one hope its not him
  12. CAS04

    new away kit

    Not a fan of the shirt.
  13. As opposed to staying at his own house ? I think your dads on the wind-up. Regarding the original quote about Downing been in the area..... This part is 100% true, regarding him been in a Lamorgini!!! unless he went out and rented it that day, then this would be untrue. He was in his home that day but was in a Range... Im not trying to add to speculation or anything, just quoting what i seen with my own eyes.... Not what some blokes girlfriends dogs dad told me. He is here till Sunday and will return to London on Sunday evening.
  14. Talking about strikers within the same mold as this lad from Ipswich i wonder if anyone from the boro has had a look at Chris Martin from Derby. i think he would be a cracking signing.... 46 apps 21 goals in 2014/15 season. Great hold up play, draws in fouls in and around the box, has good pace for a big lad and with the likes of Tomlin AA Reach possibly downing supplying then i think he would bag a few for us.
  15. YESSSSS! I would take Given in a heRt beat. Given, Kalas, Ake and downing would be a cracking start to a transfer season.
  16. Would anyone take young Wilson on from UTD as a striker choice? Surely he won't be no were near there 1st team this year?
  17. Just goes to show how slow our transfer activity is going this pre season.... No confirmed thread yet.
  18. I do like Reach as a impact player, he is no were near to a finished product but can still play his part as a squad player. I wouldn't like to see him go.... If he did who would cover the left mid if 1st choice was out?
  19. Loan move for Borini with a view to signing if we go up anyone?
  20. Mark Wilson, billed as the next young England CM when he arrived with Greening. He was Sh!T
  21. Rumors are doing the rounds in Birmingham that West Brom are interested in Grant Leadboots. A pal of mine says 6 Million has been mentioned on his Pub rounds..... Although i believe this is just drunken chitter chatter it has me wondering how much it would take for Gibbo/AK to let one of the most influential players of 2014/15 season leave, but also how damaging would it be to our ambition for 15/16 campaign. Do you keep him Or Bring in Ake with Clayton, we have Forshaw as back up maybe we will see Ryhs for 20 mins in the season, possibility of Jordan Jones and Bryn Morris making a couple of cheeky sub appearances Not to mention Reach Carayol Albert Nsue Tomlin and Wilderbeast rotations through the season to keep the flanks active and fresh. 6 Mil ontop of the transfer kitty will give huge room for wheeling and dealing. On another note, does anyone know how Hazard brother was out on loan and would he be worth taking a gamble on next season? -------------------Dimi/Given------------------------ Kalas/Abela----Ayala-------Gibbo-------Friend/Hubby --------------Clayton-----Ake/Forshaw--------------- Albert/Carayol ---------------------- Reach/Carayol -------------------Tomlin/Hazard---------------------- -------------------Kike/ 20+ striker-------------------- youngsters breaking through with couple of cheeky loan signing.... I wouldn't be to disapointed with this line up for the friendly on the 1st August
  22. Whats the story behind young Tom Ince?
  23. Slightly away from the Boro but villa are been linked with a number of keepers..... Would anybody be interested in bringing Given Back as our number 1?
  24. This is all exciting as usual, but just to through peter kay style curve ball in there (Thats for you car share fans) Who do you think will be the next one off the academy production line? This years ever present Reach, Gibson and all be it on the bench Ripley shows we still have a healthy system.... Bradley Fewster perform well last pre-season, we have all heard about the rising stars such as Jordan Jones and Bryn Morris, but its a little less known Ginger Ninja who i think has the best chance to muscle his way into a few games, Brad Halliday.... Had a solid season in York and capped of his last game with his 1st professional goal... Joined the youth set up at a young age and then again after a successful spell with Redcar. He is a strong energetic lad who can get about the pitch, can play CB + RB but likes to play as defensive/holding midfielder. Great utility man to have around the squad, if anything saves us a few bob on not needing to dip into the market to replace whitehead.
  25. We have all heard of Cheeky Nandos now, so lets get some cheeky predictions. The team id like to see ..... DIMI Fredericks Ayala Gibbo Friend Clayton Leadbetter Albert Tomlin Vossen Paddy B! Subs Ripley Woodgate Whitehead Forshaw KIKE Carayol Amorebieta Score predictions 2-1 Paddy B 1st goal scorer, 1-1 Half time, Leadbetter with the winner. #UTB #IBelieve
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