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  1. Im sat seat 1 row 1 in a abu dhabi gas plant fire station. Spare a thought for me.... no TV nor radio....... il be on here watching the credits role in.... #IBelieve
  2. This feature is cracking lads..... Hope the club continue to run with it and give you full access
  3. if you could choose 1 famous boro supporter to share a Europa Parmo with who would it be? Side question.... Chicken or Pork?
  4. 1. Stick with the team that's been winning us games? Goes without saying really.... why fix something that isn't broken 2. If Bamford's not fit, who do you replace him with? Vossen up top, Tomlin in the middles Reach Left wing 3. No more Kalas, so who gets the right back spot? Going Forward Fredricks, If not then Nsue 4. How do we go about winning this one? Knuckle down, hunt in pairs, full throttle never say die attitude.... 3-0 up at half time shut up shop and rest vital players for Brighton. 5. Who's more likely to bottle it out of Watford and Bournemouth? Id say Bournemouth 6. Wildschut and Ledesma scored for the u21's again, put either in the squad? Not a bad pair to have on the bench and give them 15-20 mins(if we are cruising) to keep people fresh and on there toes. 8. Is Eddie Howe a big babby? (there is only one answer) I don't think he is..... even babies learn faster than him to shut up when they are speaking garbage. 8. How many more goals will Dean Whitehead score? Possibly a own goal for sympathy for Brighton on the last day before he joins them next year!!!!!
  5. I see a draw against Fulham and win against Brighton...... not all doom and gloom though..... after all the playoff final winner is the 2nd richest game in football
  6. May the 2nd is a big days acroos the sporting globe and theres a little matter of 2 legends going to war in vegas...... Whos your money on people..... Team Money or Pacman...... im going for a 8th round Pacman WIN by either TKO or straight KO....... Come on MANNY YOU BEAUTY
  7. I think they should respect the issue and do exactly that...... considering ive booked a plane ticket home for me and my son from Abu Dhabi on the off chance I can scrounge a ticket.
  8. Confirmed .... all games last match day of the season are 12.15 KO
  9. I believe all the champ games start at 12.15 last game of the season. Il check and let use know.
  10. Out in Abu Dhabi boys.... Any1 got any links?
  11. I keep hearing that we need a number 10, PLEASE! Tomlin wears his heart on his sleeve and has been our best player in the 1st 2 games of this season, he excites KIKE and they have a good understanding, and with LW pushing on with Nsue also able to cover that position if needed I think we need not waste money. We need another RB for competition as 32year old legs will not be able to last a full season.... I did like what I seen from Dania but would feel better with some cover.... Hines IMO is not the answer. Reach will improve game by game and I think Carayol needs to be hitting the ground running to gain his place back.. Id like 2 strikers and 1 RB and I would be happy with the set up.... Although he didn't look his best I think Clayton will BOSS that midfield once he finds his grove..... Not sure leadbetters ego can cope with that in all fairness.... looked to me on Saturday Leadboots passed to everyone but Clayton. sell Whitehead Hines and steele for the January kitty for a fresh impulse and we are laughing... Agree with this :) Cracking idea.... But first giv' me a update..... only messing
  12. just a thought ..... surely a huge club like Chelsea have a starlet they can send us to fill in the RB position?
  13. Us defo, spoke with him on Thursday after he had been offered it. He had trails at swindon and MK dons and was offered a 2 year contract at Leeds and S***horpe but has decided to sign with us after boro done a Uturn after they had earlier released him. He has said that the club have been real professional with the hole subject, offered him support when he was initially released and told him they would help him find a new club, they even released a 8-9 minute video on youtube of him playing.... Type in lewis Maloney and it will come up. The lad has a cracking attitude towards football but needed reminding how hard it is to make it, and after a poor year with injuries (same injury as Neymar) he has showed great courage and attitude to work his way back into the boro set up. il be home in October to wish him well over a pint of orange juice. he is to spend the next year at the boro and then look for a loan move next year, Maybe a cheeky loan to Swindon or MK Dons will be on the cards seen as he had a cheeky trail.
  14. he is no longer a Scholar guys. Pleased to say that he has signed a pro contract after been released earlier in the year. Maybe the kick up the back end he needed. Hope he goes on to big things. One to watch out for
  15. the sauce is miss leading,,,,, its actually Ramos and he is a CB/RB full international and currently plays with Real Madrid..... Apparently the player has been quoted saying he wants to come to the club to gain valuable playing experience along side BIG KEN. More known for his TATs and dodgy hair style and a canny resemblance to Miley Cyrus on crack---- I think he would just about get into the team if the likes of woodgate hines and burge were on a lads holiday in the clap clinic or testing medical supplies
  16. just joined the football league one, please accept RJC FC
  17. yes we need Clayton, Whitehead is not the answer, plus he is ageing. get Adam on board and build a strong core.
  18. hope it comes in for you I have tenner on 18/1
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