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  1. Boro+ are reporting Husband might be coming on at RB for the 2nd half.... I called it.... Got to be a couple of +1's there lads!!!!
  2. I have BORO 3-0 18/1 with skybet cheeky tenner on. come on boro just another 2 please.
  3. so glad Reach has started, only thing I would of done really is swap whitehead for smallwood, and play Husband at RB until get a RB in. Great to see Fewster still involved in the first team.
  4. just logged in at work lads.... any live feeds???
  5. Jesus.... I'm out of the 3G range for less than 2 weeks and I come back and find out boro have a new husband, whilst they have slipped into the Spanish market for some bloke called Nsue.... They have cheated Brighton and stole Clayton.... Dipping into the World Cup market for some Bosnia bloke who no1 can pronounce..... And been linked with a villa kid and a host of Chelsea players. Like the thought that Jose has told some bloke that he isn't going to Everton because he is guaranteed the game time he needs to progress.... Does that open a door for him to land outside the riverside? Also I've read that Reach has come back a man? What's peoples thoughts?
  6. slightly off subject but are we close to breaking a transfer thread record yet????
  7. My information sauce is not far from yours then but we have conflicting stories? not sure how that has happened!!!!
  8. I believe the 2 mentioned are main targets with a 3rd loan signing, this would match what SG said the somebodies son 'we will sign 3 new strikers' all be it 2 permanent and 1 on loan. im also lead to believe Main will leave to a league 1 side and that Juke is more than happy to stake his claim in the side, apparently he has come back to training and is himself again, bouncing around and joking. Word on Kie is that he is staying also.... this might disappoint people but he has moved his wife over and BOUGHT a property rather than the 1 supplied by the club. so this pretty much tells us that he is here for the remainder of his contract. Danny G Vossen Juke Kie Tomlin L Williams AA Carayol Bamford With Jordan Jones and Morris making bench appearance/cup runs I for one am slightly more excited than I was before I spoke with the player earlier today!
  9. Evening lads..... in the know from a U21 player.... Raul was tried and visited the training ground 1st time in January as a visitor and nothing more, then he travelled again in May.... believed not to be as a coach but a social visit and a catch up with 'friends' before spending 1 week in spain on a coaching course. (apparently a joke was made about a COACHING role but nothing more) Clayton will only move if Butterfield is shipped out : Possiable loan move to a top 8 champs club last season. Apparently cover for friend will come from within the club, no names mentioned Jaunfran is in talks for a initial 6 month loan deal until December for personnel reasons with a view to buy... Full wages paid during loan. DG is still spending time with the lads outside of training and is currently training with Maccems youth... Norwich also interested in him aswell as West Brom and Cardif APPERENTLY. Vossen has been visited by the club and initial talks have taken place and he has accepted lesser terms regards to bonus and wage to push through the deal with a greater promotion bonus and payrise if it was to happen. No mention of BIG SIGNING though, so this to me either means smokescreen as mentioned or AK is scouting loan deals and wants to keep possible moves quiet so not to alert other. THAT PART IS MY THOUGHTS NOT OF THE PLAYER. The player I received this info from will NOT be leaving this summer...... take from that what you will. OHHHH sorry almost forgot...... AK has has Patrick Bamford watched last season at Derby and has asked Jose about his plans for the player this season.
  10. DG maybe, possible Kenny, Cyrus Christie mentioned juke still here Marv gone..... Some lunatic has mentioned Vossen..... Waiting on the Vargas rumour to start
  11. With all the money been spent at Liverpool, I wouldn't mind a cheeky look over there fring players. Martyn Kelly is a pretty good RB and can cover CB. A season long loan with a view for possible move if we reach the prem could be tempting. He is behind the likes of Flanagan. Wouldn't mind a loan move for Wilson from Man U too
  12. I have been told by a Coventry fan that Boro are looking at Cyrus Christie, anyone on here got any information? I believe he is a young RB, I've never seen him play and know nothing about him. Would he be a good addition?
  13. You're right about that, but I just think we can do a lot better. And there is no way he is like nugent and graham. In the last three years he has been a 1 goal in 10 games striker and before that he was a 1 in 5 at brum. Nothing special. Sounds a pretty similar record to graham, other than Watford he has never been prolific, but is a player who plays in a system and allows on running players to score goals, perfect to the way AK looks to be setting up. He chases every ball a irritates defenders into making mistakes a lot similar to Walters at Stoke hence the reason he was loaned out. He isn't a world beater and won't score you 20+ goals but will get 10-15 and create equal if not more for Tomlins AA and crew. He definitely the mold of player AK wants so why not take a look at him. I'd prefer Graham but find it hard to think he will come, Nugent clearly wants wages rather than doing it all over again and someone like Jerome I think would thrive off this team. Over the last 18 month he has score more goals than DG Plus if we could a lot better why haven't we already. I'm not wanting to argue but look at the forwards we have brought in Kie - who would rather buy ppl nandos then turn up on a Saturday. Emnes - who had potential in the Dutch league but has done and all here. Juke - looked promising but out of favour. Main - struggled at Darlo so was never going to be our best striker. We have to come to terms with the fact we can no longer compete for the inform strikers 2 reasons number 1 we haven't got the cash and number 2 we are no longer attractive to lads with ambition.... So for that reason we will need a player on his way out wanting a last hora' ( Kevin Phillips like for Leicester a***st other) a hidden Gem like Rickie lambert in the lower leagues or a rising star on loan. For me we need 3 strikers and I would take 1 of each of the above.... Has been, hidden gem and loan star. Concentrate spending our kitty on a good proven right back
  14. Cameron Jerome anyone? in the same mold as nugent and Graham and probably the same wage give or take... And I understand stoke want rid.
  15. If love sharpe borini and Flanagan but it's not gunna happen Zamora and Doyle are more our type of players now
  16. I believe any club that's worth there status will have ppl at the World Cup. If not every game is televised anyways so it's not that hard to take a look at what's on display. I don't think we will sign anyone from the WC anyways. Freebies all the way for us as per with a odd 1 million £ signing. Would love Zamora, Doyle, Ohara, a RB and a couple of loanees to fill out the squad. Would like luke chambers
  17. Firstly on Tomas, I haven't seen much of him and TBH would prefer Given back but know he has been given some kind of role on the Aston villa back room staff. I think Tomas and Dimi to battle it out would create healthy competition with Ripley out on a season long loan isn't a bad thing. I have also been told by a neighbour (out in Abu Dhabi) who is a huge spurs Fans that Jamie Ohara's ppl have move contacted by someone from boro to ask if he would be interested. Apparently he waivered his appearance fee and took 30% wage drop when joining wolves. Is anyone involved at the club on here that can confirm or deny this contact. I'm not here to spread a rumour just want it confirmed or denied. Personelly I think he would be better in our team than whitehead. He seems to be a player that other clubs hate, so that to me means he does a job for the club he's at.
  18. Would like to see sharpe in a boro top, along with Danny graham. Would make gibbo my 1st choice CB and try and forge a partnership with Ayala or possibly a loan for Kenneth O'. Frees such as like varney would be a good addition. I would likee tony hibert from Everton to come in at RB. Would like to see emnes/juke/whitehead/Rhys/main/Hines/ and a few more wage drainers leave. Would love a return of shay Given and another Aston villa outcast Hutton might be worth a 1 year contract. Would love Josh Macheran back, along with Smallwood Reach and Williams breaking through. Wheater to return wouldn't be too negitive either.
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