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  1. Saville really likes Jed Wallace but that was edited out 👀
  2. Thanks pal. Just recorded Howson today. Lots of fun
  3. Thanks mate. The series will have a break this week. Next one will be filmed next week. Not sure who yet Thanks pal That was always the idea and why i agreed to do it in the first place. I couldn't do a typical media interview which meant they give the same media cliched answers. It helps both players so far in Bolasie and Saville are huge characters
  4. Hope you enjoy. Lots got edited out, it was hilarious though
  5. Let me know what you want me to do and I will try see if I can help in anyway UTB
  6. Pleased to see an unchanged 11. Got to play your best team and take each game as it comes. UTB
  7. How about dancing? VID_22640610_082533_584.mp4
  8. 👀Thanks for the invite, really appreciate it.
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